NEWS DIGEST 02.08.2020: UK to bask in above-average summer temps


Today’s news bulletin is extracted from my Facebook news feed. Kirsty Holden, the blogger and reviewer behind Lifestyle Reviewer, explains how she decided to make a commitment to eat healthier this summer, and had decided to try ready-made healthy food boxes produced by the firm Mindful Chef, which claim to help users eat better and lose excess weight. Her first sampled meal kit was for cajun chicken lettuce tacos, which Holden was thoroughly pleased with, describing the meal as ‘so good’. She then goes on to review two further Mindful Chef meal options – Why I’m using Mindful Chef recipe boxes to get healthy this Summer (Lifestyle Reviewer)

A ‘heat flare’ currently forming over the African continent could bring a ten-day heatwave to the UK very soon, British tabloid Mirror says. The 700-mile long plume is expected to arrive next weekend after a period of inclement and cooler weather. Weather forecasters predict that temperatures over much of the country could reach 31 degrees C (87.8 deg. F.), with some saying that the ‘sweltering’ conditions could last into the middle of this month. The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “August could rescue summer. “Computer models suggest a very warm or hot period from Thursday, lasting for as long as mid-month. 35C is possible again.” – UK weather forecast: ‘African heat flare’ bringing 31C in 10-day sweltering heatwave (Mirror)


The health ministry of the Russian Federation has announced a plan to inoculate its entire population against coronavirus in October this year, official news agency TASS reports. Health minister Mikhail Murashko unveiled the free-of-charge programme at a press conference held yesterday, possibly using a vaccine being developed by the Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which Murashko said had completed its run of clinical trials. So far, 845,443 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Russia – Russian Health Ministry plans mass vaccination against coronavirus for October (TASS Russian News Agency)

Returning to Britain, The Guardian newspaper has claimed that the UK is now suffering a ‘brain drain’ as skilled Britons and EU citizens are leaving the country in large numbers as the final Brexit cut-off point draws near after the current transition period. A British-German study uncovered large shifts in migration patterns of UK citizens only since the Brexit referendum of 2016. Numbers of higher-educated nationals leaving for the European Union have increased by 30 per cent compared to pre-Brexit years, according to the study. Dr Daniel Auer, a co-author of the report, said: “These increases in numbers are of a magnitude that you would expect when a country is hit by a major economic or political crisis.” – Brexit fuels brain drain as skilled Britons head to the EU (The Guardian)

HEMNA Community member Mother Nature, hosted by Croydon-based blogger and keen photographer Alex Smithson, welcomed August in style by celebrating the recent hot weather being experienced in the UK, and announcing the publication of a new range of photosets taken with Alex’s trusty iPhone 11’s dual camera system. Alex also announced some additional helpful contacts for his mental health awareness programme at Mother Nature – WELCOME TO AUGUST! (Mother Nature)

The United States has linked recent outbreaks of salmonella in 48 of its constituent states to the traditional practice of keeping chickens in back gardens, New York news channel PIX11 reported. More than 900 Americans have contracted the potentially fatal disease, with one death already known of. Scientists following the outbreaks believe they may be the result of households keeping ‘backyard poultry’, mainly chickens and ducks. Fifteen of the outbreaks of salmonella have crossed state boundaries. The Center for Disease Control have advised poultry keepers to wash their hands after handling birds and not to allow their fowl near where food is prepared – Salmonella outbreaks in 48 states linked to backyard poultry (PIX11)





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