NEWS DIGEST 08.08.2020: A disastrous week…


Today’s news digest is of breaking news from my personal Twitter account, which can be found at @VShah1984. The island of Mauritius has declared an ecological emergency after a tanker known as Waikishio ran aground, spilling tonnes of crude oil into the crystal blue waters nearby. The Japanese-owned vessel ran aground on July 25th, carrying “nearly 4,000 tons of fuel oil and 200 tons of diesel on board,” according to The New York Times. The country has appealed to France for help tackling the disaster – Island nation Mauritius declares a state of environmental emergency as shipwreck leaks fuel (Twitter)

Survivors of the horrific explosion in the port of Beirut that occurred last week have recounted the moment disaster struck, as the death toll reaches beyond 150 with around 3,000 injured. The blast was caused by the ignition of around 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate left untouched in a storage facility for six years. Al Jazeera journalists spoke to ordinary Beirutis who told them about how they experienced the tragedy – Beirut explosion: Survivors recount the moment disaster struck (Al Jazeera)

Legal students’ magazine The Legal Amity @thelegalamity is hosting a special virtual debate presided over by Carl Woolf, a white collar & serious crime solicitor at Noble Solicitors, based in the London area. The debate, which will take place on the 10th August, 2020 via Zoom, will involve four to six participants who are presenting on legal cases and theories and is also open to observers interested in the legal world.

Tangent, the official ‘Ideas Workspace’ breakout zone of Dublin’s Trinity College, has announced the launch of a new business and professional development programme geared towards Ireland’s proficient and burgeoning life sciences sector, Irish Tech News reports. Tangent will launch a eleven-week training course in October on digital strategy for businesses in the biopharmaceutical industry and other life science sectors. Tangent’s chief executive officer, Ken Finnegan, said: “We are excited to introduce this programme at a time when urgency is paramount. We have tailored a very specific course for this sector that will help leading organisations to develop their capabilities to react, be flexible, and be ready for constant rapid change. We believe we can help them do just that.”TANGENT, TRINITY’S IDEAS WORKSPACE LAUNCHES NEW PROGRAMME (Irish Tech News)

A photographer in Germany had a memorable laugh after capturing a naked bather chasing after a wild boar that had stolen his bag containing his laptop. Adele Landauer, a personal coach, spotted the man running nude and berserk near the Teufelssee lake at a park in Berlin. The wild boar, a female with two piglets by her side, had been rummaging for pizza left behind by sunbathers and stole the man’s carrier bag, assuming it to be free lunch. The man was able to get his bag back and even allowed Landauer to send the face-reddening photos she took to the media – You swine! German nudist chases wild boar that stole laptop (The Guardian)


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