NEWS DIGEST 09.08.2020: The boss of blogging and businesses


Today’s news digest is taken from HEM News Agency’s ‘HEM Businesses list on Twitter. Blogging and marketing site The Social Ms promoted an article about how bloggers can improve their site visitor numbers and social media followers through teaming up with others in their field via guest posting. Chief blogger Susanna Gebauer narrates the story of how she approached another renowned blogger, Jeff Bullas, in 2012, and ended up seeing her Twitter follower tally double from 430 to around a 1,000 followers after publishing just a couple of guest articles on his blog – How one Guest Post Doubled my Social Audience (The Social Ms)

Instazood, a worldwide user service for Instagram fans, announced that the video sharing giant YouTube is calling time on its email notification service for newly released videos after a lack of interest from the site’s community. The notifications are to be shelved next week after YouTube realised that very few people were opening the emails which told them of new videos appearing for channels they were subscribing to.

Gaming site Niche Gamer runs a series of articles called Niche Spotlight, which take a look at brand-new niche games hitting the market. On Friday, the spotlight was shone on the role-playing game (RPG) UnderMine, an ‘action roguelite’ which sees player navitage a dangerous and maze-like series of underground mining tunnels on a quest to uncover bounties of treasure and ancient artifacts from a bygone civilisation. They must rescue survivors and take on powerful bosses as they try to solve the enduring mystery of the UnderMine.

Niche Spotlight – UnderMine (
Niche Spotlight – UnderMine (Niche Gamer)

New York-based leadership coach and business consultant Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal explained how an aspiring corporate leader can get the job done and be awesome while navigating a world of control freak bosses. She offers advice on maintaining boundaries, giving good feedback and being clearly communicative and authentic in one’s approach to managing a team, department or whole company – How to Be A Great Leader In A World Of Control Freaks (Lolly Daskal)

A farmer in Sujanpur, a village of Odisha (Orissa) state in east India, has become a hero among naturalists after discovering a rare yellow-coloured turtle while out working his fields. Basudev Mahapatra found the creature, and enamoured by its distinctive all-over yellow hue, decided to take it home in July 2020.  The reptile, identified as a member of the common Indian flapshell species, is believed to be the first ever discovered instance of an albino of its type. The turtle, an adult of around one to two years of age, was released into the wild after scientists finished examining it – Rare yellow turtle discovered in India (CNN World)

Google Arts, an initiative by the internet big hitter to celebrate and introduce the public to outstanding examples and online exhibitions of world arts and culture, is celebrating the life of Kenyan leader Mnyazi wa Menza, who led her Giriama nation in a rebellion against British colonialists in the later years of the First World War. To this day, she is revered as a heroine and prophetess among her people, as well as a symbol of Kenya’s struggle for independence, which it won on 12 December, 1963. Her story was published in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya, along with special illustrations commissioned by Google – Mekatilili Wa Menza (Google Arts & Culture)

Last month saw the discovery of an important element of ancient Mongolian culture after 250 petroglyphs (symbols carved into rockfaces or stones) were uncovered in the Inner Mongolia region of neighbouring China. The symbols are rich in iconography, mainly of animals and people hunting them. One of the rare petroglyphs shows a man wearing a hat holding a dead wolf and another one has a man on a camel with the rein in his hand. They were believed to have been left by ancient nomadic peoples that frequented the area, but their age is currently still being figured out – Over 250 Petroglyphs Discovered In Inner Mongolia (Archaeology News Network)


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