NEWS DIGEST 16.08.2020: MV Wakashio disaster fallout, as UK’s Marlow reaps its blessings


This morning’s News Digest comes from Facebook. The Guardian, a UK liberal-leaning broadsheet, has reported that despite the Bank of England’s new governor, Andrew Bailey, stating that the UK did better than expected economically during the pandemic, his analysis was in fact ‘faulty’. Guardian writer Phillip Inman, however, claims that the country is not really recovering after all – Britain isn’t ‘recovering’, whatever the Bank may suggest (The Guardian)

The government of Mauritius has been heavily criticised for its lack of action in quickly tackling the recent MV Wakashio disaster which saw an oil tanker run aground on coral reefs and spills thousands of litres of crude into pristine Indian Ocean waters, threatening the country’s unique ecosystems. Mauritian journalist Nad Sivaramen, who writes for French-language paper L’Express, voiced his disgust and criticism of the administration in an opinion piece and demanded answers to why the Wakashio made the journey that saw its fateful end. He wrote of the government not learning the lessons of previous ship strandings, and witheringly stated the fate of Mauritius’ people now: “Today we face the consequences of this government’s recklessness, irresponsibility and criminal negligence.” – Navin Ramgoolam: «C’est dans la tempête qu’on reconnaît un vrai capitaine» (

London area news magazine MyLondon lauds the beauty of the commuter and historic market town of Marlow, in neighbouring Buckinghamshire county. Describing the town as ‘like something out of a fairytale’, the magazine has nothing but praise for its ‘absolutely stunning’ vistas, tonnes of character and a picturesque high street and residential areas lined with “gorgeous houses and the cutest tea rooms and coffee shops”. As people re-evaluate their choices of city living post-pandemic, Marlow and other Home Counties locations look set to be the winners – The beautiful historic market town on the River Thames near London that’s like something out of a fairytale (MyLondon)

A female shopper from the county of Surrey, just outside London, England, has literally got her pants in a twist after she was publically shamed by a supermarket employee at a Sainsbury’s store in the town of Staines, SurreyLive reports. Lauren O’Connor, from the same town, was told to pull down her t-shirt after the staff member allegedly objected to her immodest-looking pair of pink coloured hotpants as she was shopping during the recent British heatwave last week. Allegedly an older male customer had pointed out her mishap or otherwise to the store staff who then approached her. She tweeted about the incident, which then went viral, and O’Connor also pointed out the hypocrisy of the same store allowing men to shop topless – Woman goes viral after claim Staines Sainsbury’s employee shamed her over hotpants (SurreyLive)

America’s Wall Street Journal asks if now is the best time for workers to throw caution to the wind and opt for a career change in these difficult times, inviting journalist Rachel Feintzeig in to talk about how she recently was offered a position with the newspaper – Do You Dare Switch Jobs in the Coronavirus Economy? (The Wall Street Journal)

Bruneau Laurette, a Mauritian maritime security specialist who has criticised the country’s government for their delayed response to the Wakashio incident covered earlier in this article, has allegedly sought protection from local police after he claimed the foreign affairs minister, named by Mo Ti News as Nando Bodha, asked him for a private meeting and insisted that Laurette stop his condemnations and to stop spreading ‘propaganda’ to local media outlets. The expert also alleged that he received phone calls that the government was planning punitive action against him and that he would be arrested this weekend – MV Wakashio : Bruneau Laurette allègue que Nando Bodha aurait fait pression sur lui (Mo Ti News)

A study of Arctic regions has warned that the Greenland ice sheet which covers most of the island has melted away to a point of no return, said an article by CNN. The study, organised by a geological research team at the US’ Ohio State University, has said that even if efforts to stop global warming bear fruit, the ice sheet will continue to disintegrate. Greenland’s ice sheet dumps more than 280 billion metric tons of melting ice into the ocean each year, making it the greatest single contributor to global sea-level rise, according to Michalea King, the lead author of the study and OSU researcher. The changes in ice cover have been so significant that it has affected the Danish-owned autonomous region’s gravitational field, CNN wrote – Greenland’s ice sheet has melted to a point of no return, according to new study (CNN Weather)

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