NEWS DIGEST 22.08.2020: Footprints and temperatures from times gone by


Today’s news digest is brought to you by my personal Twitter account @VShah1984. Melbourne, Australia-based German geographer and demographer Simon Kuestenmacher @simongerman600 shared a GIF chart originally posted on the popular newsboard Reddit’s r/dataisbeautiful feed. The chart features two thousand years of global temperatures compressed into just twenty seconds, created by Ben Gregory. Highlights include a massive drop in temperatures between the years 1000-1500 CE (The Little Ice Age), before a phenomenal rise circa 2000 – [OC] Two thousand years of global temperatures in twenty seconds (reddit r/dataisbeautiful)

Spanish technology magazine tecnovedosos talks about creativity in computer programming and whether it is essential that programmers should be creatively inclined. It mentions the somewhat saddening fact that only two percent of adults register as highly creative, with many others losing their creative streaks due to possible environmental and societal factors, as well as an educational system that largely encourages conformity to the norm –  ¿Los programadores creativos valen por dos? (tecnovedosos)

A 2016 discovery by a geology professor and his team of researchers of a set of dinosaur footprints fossilised in stone at America’s Grand Canyon National Park are in fact the oldest set of dinosaur footprints to be found in the area, CNN Travel reports. Allan Krill, a Norwegian professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, stumbled across the small three-toed indentations while on a hike in the region, the magazine reported. According to Krill’s colleague Stephen Rowland: “… They are among the oldest tracks on Earth of shelled-egg-laying animals, such as reptiles, and the earliest evidence of vertebrate animals walking in sand dunes.”. The researchers discovered that two animals left footprints there and at least one had an unusual form of locomotion newly uncovered by prehistory scientists – 313 million-year-old fossil footprints at Grand Canyon are the oldest of their kind found at park (CNN travel)

National Rail, the UK rail network establishment, has reported severe delays on the line between Cardiff Central and Bridgend stations in Wales which are expected to last until 9:00 am. The disruption was caused by a tragedy after a person was struck by a train on that line. Services in the area are beginning to return to normal, although delays and cancellations are still occurring – Disruption between Cardiff Central and Bridgend (National Rail Enquiries)

National Rail has also reported disruption in Stafford, West Midlands due to trespassers on the railway tracks. Services there are also beginning to return to normal, but expect delays, changes to advertised arrivals/departures and cancellations as the problem is resolved. Travellers are encouraged to check online before making their journey – Disruption at Stafford expected until 09:30 (National Rail Enquiries)

In British country cricket, Essex will face off against Hampshire for a four-day test match for the Bob Willis Trophy. The match will take place at the picturesque Arundel Castle Cricket Ground in Sussex, with both sides very much readying themselves for what many consider to be a key highlight of the newly-started-up country cricket season, which was postponed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic – MATCH PREVIEW: HAMPSHIRE V ESSEX (The Fortress)

Business guru Marc Guberti @MarcGuberti shows readers how to set up a content calendar for their content marketing careers, which can help them plan out how to best promote and market the content they create for maximum visibility. Such calendars can be beneficial for scheduling drafts, revisions and publications of blogging content, as well as keeping writer’s block at bay while seeding valuable idea generation – How To Create A Content Calendar (Accelerate your visibility and income)

The price of crude oil has ended this week on a low note after making steady gains throughout this past week, MarketWatch reported. Oil futures on the U.S. market slumped yesterday after oil-field services firm Baker Hughes reported a rise in the number of U.S. oil rigs – Oil ends lower, erases most of weekly rise (MarketWatch)



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