NEWS DIGEST 12.09.2020: The loss of hands and reputations is a painful one

Good morning! Today HEM brings you news that is hot on Facebook. British prime minister Boris Johnson has been accused by The Guardian newspaper of essentially trashing the country’s reputation in a stinging opinion piece by commentator Jonathan Friedland. The writer is particularly incensed by Johnson’s quoted disregard for international regulations by allowing his government to usher in an internal market bill that had enraged the European Union, as well as numerous other official actions that have flied in the face of normal diplomacy and governance – Boris Johnson is trashing Britain’s reputation. Labour cannot stand by (The Guardian)

Ilford’s local newspaper, the Ilford Recorder, reports that there are hundreds of people in the London borough of Redbridge, of which Ilford falls under, who are waiting for the outcomes of claims for asylum after fleeing persecution, war and other calamities, it was reported. According to figures published by the Home Office, Britain’s interior and immigration ministry, Redbridge has 584 people claiming asylum who are claiming special ‘Section 95’ financial and housing support packages while their applications for settlement are being processed. Across the entire country, that figure is 45,769 people were getting support – 50 per cent more than five years previously. Christine Jardine, a Liberal Democrat MP and the party’s Home Affairs spokeswoman, said: “We should welcome people who’ve come to the UK fleeing war or persecution with compassion and enable them to contribute to our society, not keep them trapped for months on just £5.66 a day – especially now during this pandemic. “The way the Home Office is treating these vulnerable people is appalling and unacceptable.” – Hundreds of asylum seekers in Redbridge waiting for outcome of their claims (Ilford Recorder)

Returning to The Guardian, the ongoing and fractious Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU look set to fail again as London refuses to back down from passing its ‘internal markets bill’, which Brussels say could trigger sanctions on UK exports to the Continent if passed. Passing the bill could see Britain break the terms of the EU withdrawal agreement, and the EU is contemplating legal sanctions against London – Brexit talks on brink as UK rejects EU call to drop law-breaking plan (The Guardian)

Six Italian balcony singers who serenaded fellow residents during the early days of their country’s strict coronavirus lockdown in March have now given an unique performance at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The car racing event’s sponsor, beer manufacturer Heineken, brought the singers together for a performance of the national anthem Fratelli d’Italia, as a thank-you for their warm-hearted gesture. “It was an honour to perform the national anthem on the track at Monza,” said tenor Maurizio Marchini, who made international headlines singing opera classic Nessun Dorma from his balcony in Florence. “It’s a race that means so much to Italian people and I couldn’t believe it when Heineken invited me to play. I was in complete shock.”Heineken & F1 Showcase Lockdown Singers With Unique Performance At F1 Italian Grand Prix (LADbible)

A woman in Slovenia who went to the extreme of sawing off her own hand to get rich from an insurance scam has been found guilty of fraud at a court in the capital Ljubljana, Britain’s public service BBC News reports. Julija Adlesic signed paperwork for five different accident insurance policies and then claimed to have lost her hand in an accident while cutting branches. In fact, she and her boyfriend intentionally severed her right hand above the wrist with a builder’s circular saw in order to fraudulently claim a EUR €1 million (GBP £900,000, USD $1.16m) payout. She was sentenced to two years in prison, with her partner and members of her family involved in the painful scam also receiving custodial sentences – Woman who sawed off own hand found guilty of fraud (BBC News)

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