NEWS DIGEST 13.09.2020: Coronavirus and cyber-troubles

Today’s news bulletin comes via Facebook and leading news outlets featuring on that platform. The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is planning to reopen to the world on 1 October, 2020, as the country comes out of a strict lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Under regulations governing the easing of restrictions, international tourists will be able to travel to Mauritius once again, but priority will be given to the island’s citizens returning home and tourists visiting for long-term holidays. Air passengers will need to be officially tested for the virus before coming to Mauritius and must stay only at Health Ministry-approved hotels and undergo quarantine for fourteen days – Réouverture des frontières : voici comment venir à Maurice après le 1er octobre (

International children’s non-profit UNICEF reached out to teenagers across the world in order to help answer their questions about cyberbullying and how to prevent it. The research culminated in an article published in collaboration with social media companies, international cyberbullying and child protection experts to help answer young people’s questions on online taunting and harassment – Cyberbullying: What is it and how to stop it (UNICEF)

Internet and infosec magazine CyberNews has warned readers about a new and potent threat to the world’s computer networks, the infamous Lazarus hacking crew believed to be connected to the North Korean government. Lazarus has been known to employ elaborate hacking techniques, mainly to steal monetary funds and state and company intelligence from compromised systems. North Korea is said to have a 6,000-strong army of hackers, who mainly bring in stolen money to fund the regime of lifelong president Jong-Un Kim. Lazarus has targeted banks and casinos to date, but recently launched attacks on the defence industry in Israel – The notorious Lazarus group is attacking the world, an expert told CyberNews (CyberNews)

Martin Winterkorn, a former chief executive officer of German auto manufacturer Volkswagen, is to face charges of committing organised commercial fraud at a court in Brunswick (Braunschweig), Reuters news agency reports. Winterkorn and other senior VW executives collectively face charges stemming from the recent emissions tests scandal where illegal software was placed in the company’s diesel powered vehicles so they could deceive official mandated pollution tests – Ex-VW CEO to face charges of organized commercial fraud (Reuters)

An American married couple who had been together for 48 years tragically both died from coronavirus, reports Britain’s Mirror newspaper. Johnny Lee Peoples and Cathy Darlene Peoples both fought against the disease for a month after becoming ill in Salisbury in North Carolina state. They were sent to the Novant Health Rowan Regional Medical Center for treatment, but became seriously ill. In their final days, staff allowed the husband and wife to remain together on the same room so they could spend their final moments together. Johnny and Cathy died within four minutes of each other – Couple together for 48 years held hands as they both died from coronavirus (Mirror)

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