SULLEE J: ‘Loyalty’ – Sullee J ft. Solace Nerwal, YZ Hatim & Sabih Nawab

Accomplished rap and desi hip-hop artist Sullee J (Sullee Justice) is back with a fresh new collaboration this week with hit new single ‘Loyalty’, joining forces with previous collaboration partner Solace Nerwal, alongside YZ Hatim and Sabih Nawab. Loyalty’s video was officially released this past week on the 17th September, 2020 (music track released on 14th Sep.) to much musical acclaim from artistes and fans alike.

“Not like the rest,
Not like the rest,
Hai ge assi best”

No matter what industry you’re part of now, it seems like “Loyalty” is missing. Sullee J and Solace Nerwal get together with Chicago’s Sabih Nawab and YZ Hatim and teach you what Loyalty really is about. Loyalty is a track produced by Solace Nerwal, bringing the crowd a fresh new sound. The video is directed by one of Chicago’s finest, Jonathan Garcia of JAG Films, and features plenty of dope scenes, including the Windy City’s famed beautiful skyline.

Sullee J dropped his most recent album “Spear” which gained several thousand streams and continues to hold its buzz almost a year after its release. Sullee is a positive, conscious and brilliant lyricist, who has opened for legends such as Jay Sean, Lomaticc, 50 Cent among many others. He brings to you music which doesn’t just make you move but makes you feel good too.

Solace Nerwal is an Indo-American singer, songwriter, and producer based in the US capital Washington DC. His self-titled debut album, Solace, was released in 2014, which contained the hit single ‘Moor’. Solace is known for being one of the most versatile artists in the music scene, with genres including pop, hip-hop, trap, tropical house and various other electronic styles of music being part of his extensive repertoire.

YZ Hatim is an upcoming rapper from Chicago. Music was an important inspiration for YZ Hatim and got him through a lot in his life. He started rapping at a young age with his friends. Today he has gone on to launch his career professionally and intends on giving his fans back to back hits that will make the dancefloor shake beneath their feet.

Sabih Nawab is an American desi rapper who has set a high bar in the urban desi (South Asian) hip-hop industry. Nawab started his career in music in the year of 2014 with his debut single “Aish Karo”. He has worked on songs in the studios with Punjabi folk legends such as Amar Sandhu and J Hind.

Loyalty is now out and ready to view/stream/download on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal & more… Check out the official video, links and social media below:-




Sullee J.

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