NEWS DIGEST 27.09.2020: It’s been a good week for French startups

Good morning. Today’s digest comes from the HEMNA Businesses List. Two airlines in the United States have warned they could be shedding thousands of jobs as the coronavirus pandemic hobbles the worldwide travel and aviation industry. In July, United Airlines, a domestic carrier, warned that it would likely dismiss half its workforce of 36,000 by this October. Shortly after, American Airlines also issued a massive redundancy warning, with 25,000 members of staff likely to lose their jobs at the same time. There are fears that mass redundancies at these two airlines and others could still go ahead, despite the US government possibly released a multi-million dollar stimulus package to shore up the economy – I Can’t Believe What’s About to Happen at United Airlines and American Airlines on October 1 (Inc.)

The World Economic Forum has said that it is time to build global economies that work for both people and our planet, and that more needs to be done to address social inequity and governments allowing for damage to natural places in order to feed the world’s demand for natural resources. In an article published earlier this week, the WEF said we are now at a ‘critical juncture for the future of humanity’ and that economical processes must respect and work closely with nature to safeguard our planet – How much is this planet worth? This is the real value of nature (World Economic Forum)

LinkedIn, the professional advice and networking site, has for the third year running published its Top Startups ranking list for French and global startups. In France itself, startups in various industries such as human resources, meal voucher schemes and insurance have climbed to the top ten best startups, despite impacts from coronavirus and its associated economic fallouts and lockdowns in the country. The top ten were in descending order: Swile, Alan, Doctolib, Back Market, Toucan Toco, Luko, Payfit, Metron, Qonto and Molotov – Etude LinkedIn : 10 Startups qui résistent à la crise en France (COMK)

Softdata, a Gloucester, England-based business website hosting firm, is offering customers its trademark hosting services for a reduced price of 99 pence a month for twelve months as part of its own coronavirus support package for small and medium enterprises affected by the pandemic. The package will include Linux hosting and services for WordPress-based and reseller sites to a maximum of fifty sites for its reseller clientele – Coronavirus support for your business (Softdata)

Magazine TNW has written on what it thinks are the four most promising places in our solar system where life could be found, after recent reports this past week of traces of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus that suggest possible signs of life there. The most likely locations to find extraterrestrial life are Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Titan – The 4 most promising worlds for alien life in the solar system (TNW)

British culture minister Oliver Dowden has denied claims that two close allies of the UK prime minister Boris Johnson could land senior roles at the BBC public service broadcaster and Ofcom, the national media watchdog, The Guardian claims. Dowden said it was too early to comment on the possibility of former Telegraph editor Charles Moore being made BBC chairman, and the ex-editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, becoming head of Ofcom, the media regulator. Ironically both named figures are vocal critics of the BBC, and are said to have been personally approached by the prime minister and asked to consider taking up the roles – Culture secretary plays down reports BBC critics were offered top jobs (The Guardian)

The Bank of France is offering a special workshop for the country’s startups alongside incubator La French Tech, the bank’s Twitter account announced this past Friday. The seminar, which is scheduled for this Tuesday (29 September 2020) will discuss innovation and how the Bank of France can support startups. The workshop will be in both in-person and Facebook Live formats with social distancing requirements enforced for the physical workshop – [Workshop] Innovation : comment la @BanquedeFrance accompagne les startups (French Tech Central/Eventbrite)

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