SULLEE J: Bulletproof (Music Video) – KXNG Crooked, Beast 1333, & Sullee J

One-in-a-million rap artist and poet of the streets Sullee J, a.k.a Sullee Justice, has really been picking up the pace since the worldwide music industry makes its comeback from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Last month he released a hot new collaboration named ‘Loyalty’ alongside longstanding partner artist Solace Nerwal, and now for October, has returned to the studio again. This time he has teamed up with fellow hip-hop/rap legends KXNG Crooked and Beast 1333, to record and release their smoking new track – Bulletproof.

Bulletproof is one of those songs where words alone just cannot do it justice. For each of the artists featuring on the track, they put forward their perspective on what makes them ‘bulletproof’. The hit record features Beast 1333 who is affiliated with Templars of Hip Hop, the globally acclaimed desi hip-hop star that is Sullee J, and KXNG Crooked, a seasoned artist from the West Coast set who is also a former member of the hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse and who has been active in ‘tha game’ since the mid-Nineties. Sullee J impresses with his breathless and intense verbal delivery as a mysterious animator slowly but surely draws him and his fellow artists on a cartoon board.

Bulletproof was produced by Los Angeles-based instrumental producer Dannson, with intro by hip-hop artist GIN. It was mixed by Sharif at the Get Fresh Studio in Detroit, Michigan, with official video release by the label GlobalFaction and artwork by Sierragons. The song is also out now on Apple’s iTunes.


Sullee J @sulleejustice
GOD BLESS THE KXNG @kxngcrooked
Beast 1333 @beast_1333
Dansonn @dansonnbeats
Sharif @sharif1x
GIN 🎶 Hip-Hop Artist @befreegin
GET FRESH STUDIO – Appt. Only @getfreshstudio


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