NEWS DIGEST 31.10.2020: Spooky Surface Sales this Hallowe’en in the US

Good morning/afternoon/evening and happy Hallowe’en!!. Today’s news report comes from my personal Twitter account. American supermarket chain Best Buy is offering shoppers USD $300 (GBP £232) off of Microsoft Surface 3 laptops as part of their Black Friday Ads Deal promotion, along with many other special discounts. The discounts on Microsoft electronics will only be valid this weekend while stocks last – Take $300 off Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 at Best Buy’s early Black Friday sale today (T3)

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Magazine Thrive Global explores five ways that developing a heightened emotional intelligence can help you thrive and succeed in the workplace, or at least when working remotely alongside your colleagues. Caring about your colleagues’ lives, coming to their rescue when the proverbial faeces hits the fan, and being an inspirational and supportive team leader are some of the methods discussed in the June 2019 article by the magazine from Thrive Global‘s head of content development, Marina Khidekel – 5 Meaningful Examples of Emotional Intelligence at Work (Thrive Global)

The Harvard Business Review talks on how data scientists and technologists are trying to fight the presence of discrimination and bias in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), as many companies adopt the technology and find themselves struggling with discriminatory algorithms, whether these biases are intentional or merely a product of an unequal society – How to Fight Discrimination in AI (Harvard Business Review)

The man behind the current voice of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, Eric Lauza, spoke with Fox News and shared his secrets on why the Looney Tunes star is still saying “what’s up, success” after eighty years of animated history. Bugs’ unique style of timeless slapstick humour, combined with producer Warner Bros. keeping the original 1930s formula of the cartoons virtually unchanged, have helped keep the plucky wise talking rabbit close to the hearts of generations of children and nostalgic adults, it turns out – Voice of Bugs Bunny, Eric Bauza, shares the secret behind the ‘Looney Tunes’ star’s success 80 years later (Fox News)

Marcus Rashford, the game-changing Manchester United and England footballer who made headlines in the past month for his charity initiatives for impoverished children and free school meals, and who stood up to a penny-pinching government, celebrates his 23rd birthday today, with the BBC hailing 2020 as the year Rashford changed the country. To celebrate, BBC Sport released a special video charting the footballer’s incredible year as a national hero for everyone – The year Marcus Rashford ‘changed the country’ (BBC Sport)

The British state railway service National Rail has warned on Twitter of delays of up to ten minutes on trains running between Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton this morning after a signalling problem caused trouble on the line at Wellington station in the English county of Shropshire. Travellers should allow a little extra time for their journeys – NEW:Warning sign Trains running between Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton may be delayed by up to 10 minutes. (National Rail/Twitter)

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