NEWS DIGEST 01.11.2020: Technology education for a changing world

Welcome to HEM News Agency, and welcome to November as well. The bulletin for today comes from our HEM Businesses list on Twitter. Online training company media4you is offering customers a series of specially-discounted courses as part of their ambition to make 2020 the year people can achieve just about anything. Would-be students can sign up to a variety of online learning programmes on subjects such as Python and R software for data scientists, the Complete SQL Bootcamp 2020, web development, data science and Python development. media4you has also joined forces with online training giant Udemy to offer students up to ninety per cent off their 65,000 courses so they can learn something new and advance their careers – FEATURED COURSES (

Kinnelon, New Jersey (USA)-based company CompuKol Communications LLC @compukol writes on how to make Facebook work for your business by creating the ‘ultimate’ fan page. The handy article gives tips on how to set up and maximise the operability of the social media platform to leverage customer growth and awareness of your business in clear and simple language – Creating the Ultimate Facebook Fan Page for Your Business (CompuKol Communications LLC)

The UK’s Law Society @TheLawSociety, an association of advocates in the country, launches its special online Fiona Woolf Lecture for 2020, with the main theme being “The challenges of intersectionality”. The lecture will focus on why there are so few black women in senior legal positions in Britain, and how this current state of affairs can be changed to increase diversity in the upper echelons of the legal world. The event, which is being offered free of charge, will feature a host of specialist speakers, such as I. Stephanie Boyce (vice president of the Law Society), Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, a solicitor practising under the laws of England, Wales and America’s New York state, and Sharon Blackman, the managing director and general counsel of Citi bank. The titular Dame Woolf will also be speaking. The lecture is scheduled for the 19th November, 2020 – Fiona Woolf Lecture 2020 – The challenges of intersectionality – why are there so few black women lawyers in senior leadership roles in the legal profession and what can we do to change this? (The Law Society)

People planning to relocate to countries of the European Economic Area, and Switzerland within the next few months and after the UK’s planned departure from the European Union on 1 January 2021 are being urged to register for updates from the British government’s Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), as the final Brexit date could see changes in what UK financial benefits they could be entitled to. The UK government has also published guidance on its website on changes to UK nationals’ ability to claim pensions and certain benefits – Benefits and pensions for UK nationals in the EEA or Switzerland (

The World Economic Forum (WEF) @wef has published an article detailing the top ten countries who are preparing their children the best for the world of work, according to OECD PISA results published in 2018. As technology becomes more a central part of the working world, and automation changes the careers landscape, many nations are increasingly devoting their educational systems to focus on science and maths to help better prepare children and young people for this new employment reality. The 2018 survey put China, Singapore and Estonia at the top of the table, which saw students from different countries tested on themes such as global issue awareness, critical thinking and ‘future skills’ – These economies are teaching children best for the future of work (World Economic Forum)

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