NEWS DIGEST 07.11.2020: Victims named in Mauritius bus crash, other stories

Good morning/afternoon/evening. Today’s news is brought to you via Facebook. Four people who died in a horrific bus crash on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean have been identified. Sonchoy Das, Mohammad Abdur Razack, MD Rakib Molla and Islam Faruk, construction workers and expats from Bangladesh, were travelling to work on a chartered bus, when it crashed on a motorway in the town of Pailles (Les Pailles) on the outskirts of Mauritian capital Port Louis. The vehicle, said to be travelling at high speed, crashed near a bus stop, killing them and injuring around fifty others, local media reported – Accident mortel à Pailles : l’identité de quatre victimes connue (

The Wall Street Journal asked medical experts from America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whether pet owners could contract coronavirus from their pets in a recent article. According to the column, the risk of household pets catching the virus from other humans or species is relatively minor, and pet owners have almost no risk at all from catching it from their best friends – Can You Get Covid-19 From Your Dog? Here’s What Disease Experts Say (The Wall Street Journal)

Solar Foods, a Finnish food company, has claimed it has developed a new protein powder, called Solein, which is literally made from air, or more specifically a combination of carbon dioxide, water and electricity. Based on technology developed by the aerospace agency NASA, Solein contains fifty per cent protein and has the look, taste and consistency of wheat flour. Solein is scheduled for consumer launch next year and may be first used in health yogurts and protein drinks, its manufacturer said. Solar Foods makes Solein by extracting CO₂ from air using carbon-capture technology, and then combines it with water, nutrients and vitamins, using 100 percent renewable solar energy. The process and final product are vegan, vegetarian and carbon-neutral – NASA’s idea for making food from thin air just became a reality — it could feed billions (Big Think)

The Metropolitan Police Department in the U.S. capital of Washington (D.C.) have made an arrest of an individual who was travelling with the intention engaging in illicit sexual conduct and child pornography distribution, a government source announced yesterday. In a two-week period, the suspect was said to have sent illegal images involving children over the internet and then travelled to the American capital with the intention of meeting a child for vile purposes. The suspect has been formally identified as 40 year-old Joseph Arnold, a resident of Chesapeake in neighbouring Virginia state, the Metropolitan PD reported. Arnold is now in custody – Arrest Made in a Travel with Intent to Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct and Distribution of Child Pornography Offenses (Metropolitan Police Department/

Britain’s Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick, yesterday launched a new scheme to protect the most vulnerable Britons including the street homeless, as part of his administration’s ‘Protect Programme’ during the coronavirus pandemic, an official government website announced. GBP £15 million (USD $19.7 million) of taxpayer funds have been allocated to the programme, which will require municipal councils to ensure all rough sleepers in their area have a place to stay as the country endures a month-long lockdown which started this past Thursday – Jenrick launches ‘Protect Programme’: the next step in winter rough sleeping plan

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