NEWS DIGEST 08.11.2020: UK gov’t backs down over aid to struggling families

Today’s news comes via Facebook. The UK government, which recently disallowed a motion to provide free school meals to impoverished primary school pupils, has finally caved after pressure from footballer Marcus Rashford and other activists, BBC News reports. London has pledged to provide GBP £400 million (USD $526.3 million) for a ‘winter grant scheme’ to help struggling families manage essential expenditures such as groceries and utility bills. Rashford said it would improve the lives of nearly 1.7 million children – Marcus Rashford: PM climbdown over free meals in school holidays (BBC News)

A new Harry Potter themed role-playing game will have its own inbuilt morality system designed to help players be their ethical best, Gamebyte reports. Hogwarts Legacy, made by Avalanche Software and Portkey Games, is set in the 19th century and sees players taking up roles as students of the famous magical boarding school. Few details were given on the exact nature of the system, except that it would play a part in shaping the story that unfolds in the game. The game is scheduled for release across multiple platforms next year – NEW HARRY POTTER RPG WILL HAVE A MORALITY SYSTEM (Gamebyte)

A mother who posted on Reddit has become viral after she narrated that a teacher at her daughter’s school asked her to ‘tone down’ the intricately put-together lunches she prepared for her child, Britain’s Mirror reported. The teacher made the request as she felt the mum’s special Instagram-inspired lunches would make the daughter’s classmates ‘feel bad’. The child’s father emailled the school back saying “No we won’t and that I really don’t care, and that if other kids get upset then maybe maybe it would be a good teaching moment for her.” – Mum asked to tone down daughter’s ‘elaborate’ lunch as it makes kids ‘feel bad’ (Mirror)

Yesterday saw the announcement that Joe Biden will now become the next president of the USA, and will move into the White House in January 2021. But did you know that Biden’s four-legged companion, a German Shepherd (Alsatian) dog named Major, will make history as the first ever rescue dog to stay at the presidential palace. Joined by fellow canine Champ, Major entered the Biden family in 2018, after being adopted from a litter of puppies living at a Delaware Humane Society shelter – Joe Biden’s German Shepherd To Be First Rescue Dog Living In The White House (LADbible)

CMA CGM Jacques Saade, the first ever container vessel to be powered solely by LNG (liquefied natural gas) will make her maiden journey to the port of Southampton in England (UK), local newspaper the Southern Daily Echo reported this past Thursday. Leaving Singapore last month she set a new world record for the largest number of full containers loaded on to a single vessel – 20,723. The ship is a first in a new generation of environmentally friendly maritime travellers and will remain in Southampton for the next few days – CMA CGM Jacques Saade makes maiden visit to Southampton (Southern Daily Echo)

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