NEWS DIGEST 30.11.2020: UK PM readies new coronavirus tier system as rebellion heats up

Good morning!. Today’s news article is brought to you by Google News. The British prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged to pour extra funds into pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues affected by the country’s two lockdowns and the coronavirus this year. National newspaper The Telegraph claimed that the announcement was to stave off a possible rebellion from within the PM’s own party, the Conservatives. There are fears the new national tier system of regionalised lockdowns could see the closure of tens of thousands of establishments – Extra cash for pubs and restaurants as Prime Minister tries to fend off Tory rebellion (The Telegraph)

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The UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab has warned the country could be hit by a third wave of coronavirus infections unless the right balance of restrictions and social distancing was achieved, the BBC reports. Raab urged the necessity of the government’s tier system and its associated regional lockdowns as a means of fighting back against the pandemic. The tier system will be voted on MPs tomorrow, with the policy expected to run until February 2021, in order to prevent rebellions by sitting ministers. It comes as a further 12,155 people have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the UK total to 1,617,327 – Covid: Risk of third wave ‘if we don’t get balance right’ – Raab (BBC News UK)

Johnson has urged his MPs to back the new restrictions in order to fend off a possible ‘third wave’ of the virus and the need for a third national lockdown, which the leader said will be ‘damaging’ to the country and its economy and people. Increasing numbers of Johnson’s ministers are expressing annoyance with the tier system. Leading the pushback is the Covid Recovery Group, or CRG, which has recruited at least 70 MPs this month, and is demanding ‘hard evidence’ that the PM’s plan will work – Boris warns MPs to back new Covid rules or face lockdown THREE – ‘Far more damaging!’ (Express)

Meanwhile, the opposition Labour party has said that it will need convincing that it should support the ruling Tories in implementing their tier system, as Labour MPs are unsettled by news of a possible Tory rebellion over the prime minister’s plans. Lisa Nandy, the shadow secretary of state for foreign and Commonwealth affairs, said that Labour are not yet satisfied that the possible support for the tiered restrictions policy is a ‘done deal’. She told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show: “The reason that we had asked the Government to publish the criteria on which these decisions are made is because if people don’t feel that these decisions are fair and that all areas of the country are being treated fairly, I don’t think people will follow them. “If we’re going to ask people to do this we need clarity about that criteria. “The reason that I’m not committing to vote for these measures is because we’re not convinced at the moment that they are either sufficient or workable.Labour will need ‘convincing’ to prop up government on tier system amid Tory rebellion, Lisa Nandy says (i)

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