NEWS DIGEST 29.12.2020: Britain braces for late December freeze

Today’s news digest comes to you via Google News. As the UK nearly completes the first month of its winter, citizens are being warned to expect freezing temperatures very soon. The national weather agency Met Office has said that drops in temperatures could see thermometer readings as low as -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit), with several snow and ice warnings in play. Heavy snowfall has already been seen in some regions, with the lowest temps expected to be in western Scotland. Drivers were warned by the AA breakdown service to avoid the roads due to treacherous icy conditions – Freezing weather across Britain could send temperatures as low as -10C (The Guardian UK)

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Yesterday the Met Office issued a ‘yellow’ weather warning for much of the country, stating that road and rail journeys would take much longer, and that pavements (sidewalks) would be dangerous due to slippery conditions. The cold snap is expected to continue for the rest of the week. Several Welsh roads on higher ground were blocked by snow, with similar disruption reported by the county police force for Gloucestershire, the English region which borders south Wales. The yellow severe warning covered extensive areas of northern England, the Midlands, London, parts of the south-west and most of Scotland and Northern Ireland – Met Office issues severe weather warning for much of the UK (The Guardian News UK)

In Harrogate, North Yorkshire, a weather warning for snow and ice has been issued due to plummeting temperatures by the Met Office from Monday night onwards, at least until this early morning. The Harrogate yellow zone also extends to the neighbouring cities of Bradford and Leeds, with temperatures expected to fall to a bare minimum of -2 C (28.4 F). The warning states: “Ice is likely to form on untreated surfaces during Monday night, especially where showers move well inland. “Some of the showers will be wintry and could produce 2 to 5 cm lying snow above 250 metres, mostly over the Pennines and North York Moors where up to 10 cm is possible. “Elsewhere, most places will see little or no snow, but a slight covering of a centimetre or so is possible in a few places.” – Met Office warning for snow and ice issued across Harrogate district as temperatures are set to plummet (Harrogate Advertiser)

Some newspapers are claiming that much of Britain could be ‘buried’ in up to six inches (15 cm.) of snow before New Year’s, hot on the heels of the recent Storm Bella that struck the UK and Ireland earlier this week. The snowfall is expected to move in tonight across inland areas of southern Scotland and northern England while coastal areas see moderate rainfall and almost freezing temperatures. The snowy conditions could even welcome in the new year itself with the 1st January 2021 seeing in a ‘blanket’ of snow appearing on the ground in east England – Britain will be buried in up to SIX INCHES of snow before New Year’s Day: Met Office issues four-day warning for large swathes of the country – including London (Mail Online News)

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