NEWS DIGEST 02.01.2021: 2021 – thinking positive ahead but still feeling the pains of 2020

Welcome to our very first News Digest of the year 2021. Firstly we would like to wish all our Community, readers and visitors a very happy and hopefully much better New Year. Our news today comes from Facebook. Online magazine 1 Million Ideas has come up with a listicle of eighteen ideas for water fountains to make your garden an oasis of luxury and calm. Try making a well, or use ideas influenced by the shiny qualities of silver, the natural feel of leaves, or even place your new water feature in a pot – 18 Unique Water Fountain Ideas For Your Backyard (1 Million Ideas)

Police on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius are now well on their way to completing the national ‘Safe Cities’ project which will involve the installation of 4,000 street-based CCTV cameras to protect the public and aid law enforcement. Mauritius Police Commissioner Khemraj Seervansingh told local media that so far, 2,800 cameras are in operation, with the remainder expected to go live later this year. The cameras require complex installation setups and police are also dealing with various planning permission and licensing procedures, the commissioner stated – Khemraj Seervansingh : « D’ici 2021, toutes les caméras de Safe City seront opérationnelles » (radio ONE)

The UK secretary of state Simon Hart has thanked the people of Wales in a special New Year’s message for the sacrifices they made in the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the country in 2020. Hart also looked on towards 2021, with Wales and the rest of the UK now being outside the European Union, and for the country to seek out new opportunities and rebuild itself following the pandemic and Brexit – Secretary of State thanks people of Wales in New Year message (

The NHS Nightingale COVID-19 hospital facility at the ExCel Centre in Newham’s Custom House district in London is being readied for standby as the UK experiences its highest increase in coronavirus infections since the first peak experienced in April of 2020, it was reported. The hospital, especially set up to treat patients who caught the virus, never saw active service, but may soon be operational, according to the National Health Service. A spokesperson said: “The Nightingale in London remains on standby and will be available to support the capital’s hospitals if needed. “In the meantime, it is vital Londoners do everything possible to reduce transmission and cut the number of new infections, which otherwise inevitably result in more avoidable deaths.” NHS Nightingale London still ‘on standby’ as patient numbers pass April peak (Ilford Recorder)

Back in Mauritius, the country’s prime minister Navin Ramgoolam said that for 2021, he would use his experience in politics to help prepare the leaders of tomorrow, according to a Facebook social media post ascribed to him. The premier said that politicians must use their national and global experiences to prepare the next generation and ‘show them the way’, enabling them to engage with all walks of life and every voter, and that they must be men and women of integrity, courage, character and convictions. He also added that since the pandemic, Mauritian politics has been reduced to a farce and a circus and urged the public to remain engaged with their lawmakers – Navin Ramgoolam : « Utiliser notre expérience pour préparer les leaders de demain » (

A survey held last year during the pandemic has found that 62 per cent of Londoners are cautious about using public transport, according to taxi firm Gett’s blog. The survey found that 62 per cent would refuse to get on a bus or Tube train unless social distancing was mandated, and sixty per cent of people surveyed would rather drive than use public transport, with London’s daily road traffic now on the increase as people avoid uncomfortably crowded trains and buses. Gett is encouraging the public to walk, take taxis or get on bicycles to get around – Has COVID changed the way you travel? (Gett)

Happy 33rd birthday Alia!! 🥳🎂🍰

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