NEWS DIGEST 10.01.2021: Journalism ups and downs as we leave behind the year that was

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A pair of human rights activists in Tanzania has been freed after two years in custody and the payment a 17 million Tanzanian shillings (US$7,300) fine each. Tito Magoti and Theodory Giyani were jailed for alleged economic crimes in December 2019. These included including money laundering, possession of a computer program designed for the purpose of committing an offence and leading organised crime. However, leading human rights charity Amnesty International alleged that the duo were detained for criticising the government, and had been forced to plead guilty to the accusations. Magoti and Giyani both worked for the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) – Tanzanian human rights activist freed after two years in jail (Al Arabiya)

British news and media workers’ website have released a special audio podcast covering their best journalism stories of the past week. The briefings, which last two minutes, will be released regularly every Monday via the online messaging app Telegram – Journalism news (

Belgian data scientist and visualisation consultant Maarten Lambrechts has released a specially curated list of charts, graphics, maps, science photography, and #datajournalism roundups examining the key newsworthy events of 2020. Highlights include the progress of the coronavirus from its origins in Wuhan, China, the infamous ‘Luanda Leaks’, and the best science images featured in Nature magazine’s 2020 editions – The list of 2020 visualization lists (

Returning to Tanzania, the entertainment television outlet Wasafi TV has been banned by the government’s Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority for broadcasting for the next six months, which critics said was oppression of media freedom. Wasafi got into trouble with the regulator after televising a live performance by the singer Gigy Money, which was deemed inappropriate. The singer herself has also beenbanned for the same time period after allegedly partaking in on-stage nudity while performing her songs. Critics of the punishment said it was unfair to punish Wasafi TV for the actions of Gigy Money, whom they said should have been the one sanctioned instead of the TV station – ‘TCRA ban on Wasafi TV oppresses media freedom’, says TEF Chairman (The Citizen)

The International Journalists’ Network (ICJ) has named Botswana media worker Keletso Thobega its ‘journalist of the month’ for January, it was reported. She was hailed for her work writing on gender inequality and poverty-based discrimination in her home country. Thobega nowadays focuses on gender-based violence and currently works for local tabloid the Midweek SunJournalist of the month: Keletso Thobega (International Journalists’ Network)

Ethiopian camera operator Kumerra Gemechu, who works with international news and information company Reuters, has been freed from police custody after being held without charge for nearly two weeks, it was reported. Gemechu was arrested for allegedly disseminating false information, communicating with groups fighting the government, and disturbing the public’s peace and security during the ongoing Tigray civil war that he was covering. However no evidence was forthcoming, and the cameraman was released back to his family, without charges maintained. “We are delighted that Kumerra has been released and reunited with his family. His release today affirms he has done nothing wrong,” Reuters editor-in-chief Stephen J. Adler said in a statement. “Kumerra is a journalist who has consistently demonstrated his professionalism and commitment to accuracy, as part of a Reuters team that reports from Ethiopia in a fair, independent and unbiased way. Journalists like Kumerra must be allowed to report the news in the public interest without fear of harassment or harm, wherever they are.”Ethiopian police release detained Reuters cameraman without charge (Reuters)

Concern is being raised over numerous people in Sri Lanka’s north and east who were arrested for comments they were said to have made on social media regarding the coronavirus pandemic, according to IFEX. Local media rights agency The Free Media Movement said that internet users commenting about the pandemic have been questioned and detained by security forces. Many of the arrests have occurred over the period from November to December 2020. Police in the area have also been accused of helping stamp out free speech of ordinary citizens criticising the Sri Lankan and local governments’ responses to containing the virus – Sri Lanka: Concern over detention of individuals for social media comments about the pandemic (IFEX)

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