NEWS DIGEST 30.01.2021: Rare rainbows, rare birds, much excitement

Today’s news is brought to you via Facebook. Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper is wowing skywatchers with a article accompanied by beautiful images of the Moon surrounded by a ‘celestial rainbow’ – a ring of colours. The high-quality and detailed photographs were taken by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, near the city of Parma in Italy. The spectacle, known by its Latin astronomical name of ‘luna corona’ (literally ‘crown of the moon’) is a rare one, caused by moonlight being split by water particles or ice crystals in the air to create the perception of a rainbow, much like how normal daytime bows are created – Stunning image shows the moon surrounded by a celestial rainbow as light reflecting off the silvery surface is split by water particles in the air (Mail Online News)

UK midfielder (footballer) Jesse Lingard, who plays for Manchester United, has successfully completed his loan transfer to London side West Ham United for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season, according to the Man. Utd. press office. The 28-year-old hopes the loan will enable him to achieve his dream returning to the English national team for the European Championship finals in the summer, after seeing a good run in the 2018 World Cup – JESSE LINGARD COMPLETES LOAN MOVE (Manchester United)

A Goodmayes, Ilford, mother in her sixties who is slowly dying from the effects of coronavirus has been allowed to leave hospital and go home to spend her last days with her family, in an emotional goodbye from nursing staff at the COVID ward at King George’s Hospital, also in Goodmayes. The unnamed patient left the hospital this past Wednesday, with senior nursing sister Sinead Skelton telling the Ilford Recorder: “It was a bittersweet moment. She knew she was going home and as she left she waved and blew a kiss to say goodbye.’ “It had our nurses crying. Her daughter was with her and was so grateful. We don’t often get to see this as Covid-19 patients can deteriorate very fast and in many cases, the family is unable to make it quickly enough at the end.’ “This was a real example of teamwork, everyone pulled together, going above and beyond because they knew they were doing it for a dying patient.”‘Grateful wave’ as dying Covid patient goes home to be with family (Ilford Recorder)

The British government has officially opened a multi-million pound sterling support scheme aimed at the country’s airports, which have suffered an immense financial toll from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The Airport and Ground Operations Support Scheme is now open to commercial airports and ground handlers who have been financially impacted, according to the official government news portal. The scheme, which currently only applies to England, will see airports and ground handlers eligible to receive up to £8 million each. It was officially announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Aviation Minister Robert Courts, who hailed the importance of the aviation sector for the national economy, and recognised the challenges the industry faced due to strict travel restrictions in the light of the virus – Government’s multimillion-pound support scheme for airports opens today (

A snowy owl has been spotted for the first time in New York’s Central Park since 1890, reports Britain’s Daily Mail paper. The ‘mega-rare’ sighting excited birdwatchers this past Wednesday, who saw the owl relaxing at a baseball field in the park, with 100 people gathering to spot this unique spectacle. The New York City Audubon Society says the owl could stay in Central Park until March if it finds food and is given enough space. The snowy owl is not normally seen this far south, with their usual stomping ground being the Arctic – ‘Mega-rare’ snowy owl is spotted in Central Park for first time since 1890 as birdwatchers flock to catch once-in-lifetime glimpse (Mail Online News)

Staying on the theme of rare birds, niche bird magazine One Big Birdcage takes us to Japan and introduces the Shima-enaga, or Japanese long-tailed tit, a small, cute and fluffy white bird only found on the island of Hokkaido. The little critter is described as ‘so cute they look like flying pieces of cotton candy (candy floss)’. The highly social birds weigh as little as seven grams and have gotten used to human fascinated by their cuddly appearance – SO CUTE THEY LOOK JUST LIKE FLYING PIECES OF COTTON CANDY! (One Big Birdcage)

Deaths from COVID at two Essex (England) hospitals have been reported as falling in number by 22 per cent this past week, but still a hundred deaths were noted, based on data shared by Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trusts (BHRUT). The figures relate to the trust’s facilities of Queen’s Hospital, in Romford, and King George’s Hospital in the Ilford district of Goodmayes. It means there have now been 1,374 deaths at the hospitals since the pandemic began in March 2020. Similar declines in infection and deaths have been reported from other parts of the Greater London metropolitan area – Covid deaths at Queen’s and King George fall – but almost 100 die this week (Ilford Recorder)

2 thoughts on “NEWS DIGEST 30.01.2021: Rare rainbows, rare birds, much excitement

  1. The ‘celestial rainbows’ really are so pretty. It’s amazing how much hope rainbows seem to relay to us these days. I’d never heard of the Shima-enaga birds before your post either and I’ve just found some images of them – super cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Caz x

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