NEWS DIGEST 07.02.2021: Making investments and profits count in the new year

Happy Sunday. Our news today comes from the HEMNA ‘HEM Businesses‘ Twitter list. UK-based web development company SitesDoneRight explains how having a high-quality website can help people in the trades manage the difficult financial rollercoaster of the pandemic and the 2021 lockdown, which may not end until March-April this year. Tips including adding a coronavirus statement about your business to your website, as well as making improvements to the site generally, so people can see you are still trading. People, now being stuck at home, have more free time to get stuff sorted in their homes, thus guaranteeing tradespeople a healthy run of business, and customer who still have jobs and incomes are continuously making requests for things like electrical repairs, roofing requirements, new bathroom installations and so much more, so tradespeople should ensure their websites are maximised for offering and accepting quotes for jobs in the home – 4 phenomenal reasons why a quality website matters to trades in the 2021 lockdown (SitesDoneRight)

After the military coup that occurred in Myanmar this past week, NGOs are advocating long-term solutions for Rohingya refugees in the country, who suffered heavy persecution under the previous government. The military, who now run Myanmar, were some of the main instigators against the Rohingya ethnic group, launching attacks on their villages and driving them across the border into neighbouring Bangladesh, and there are fears the persecution could intensify, making the possibility of return of the refugees even more unlikely now. Organisations such as ODI are pressing for a longer-term vision for aiding the refugees currently camped out in Bangladesh, saying that the international community “must continue to support the Government of Bangladesh in meeting the basic needs of refugees, but with a much stronger focus on longer-term planning” – With Myanmar’s military back in full control, Rohingya refugees need long-term solutions (ODI)

The European Union has unveiled an ambitious anti-cancer plan for the bloc to help fight against the disease and make EU citizens more healthy and secure, according to an announcement by the European Commission. In 2020, 2.7 million people in the European Union were diagnosed with cancer, and another 1.3 million people lost their lives to it, including over 2,000 young people. It is feared that by 2035, cancer will be the biggest killer of Europeans. The ‘Beating Cancer’ four-point plan will have EUR €4 billion of funding allocated to its budget, which will fund programmes battling tobacco and alcohol addiction and usage, reduction targets for environmental pollution, and the promotion of health literacy and best practices in medicine – A cancer plan for Europe (European Commission)

American hotel and casino owner Caesars Entertainment have announced a strategic investment in the daily fantasy sports platform SuperDraft, Inc., which will see the company add the game to its growing portfolio of mobile sport and e-gaming providers, Loyalty360 reports. Caesars hopes the investment will help increase sales for its overall business, with an eventual target to acquire one hundred per cent of the sports game at some point in the future. Superdraft enables people to pick their fantasy American football teams and the partnership with the gaming giant will enable the platform to offer larger cash prizes to its participants – Caesars Entertainment Announces Strategic Investment in SuperDraft Daily Fantasy (Loyalty360)

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