NEWS DIGEST 13.02.2021: South London child feeds an entire community, other stories

Good morning!. Today’s news comes via Facebook. An eight-year-old girl from the south London district of Deptford has been hailed a little hero after cooking 500 meals of meatballs and rigatoni pasta for her local community after being inspired by English footballer Marcus Rashford’s free school meals campaign. Leila Miah got the recipe from an Italian cookbook and donated a hundred of the meals to Evelyn Community Store in Lewisham, an organisation that aims to tackle local food poverty. Miah also raised GBP £1,000 (USD $1,384) for the charity and even created a fundraising online page for them. She got up at 5 am and spent eight hours preparing the dinners before distributing them as well – Deptford girl, 8, cooks up meatballs for Lewisham community (News Shopper)

Marcus Rashford’s team, Manchester United, are now through to the quarter finals of the Emirates FA Cup after scoring 1-0 over London side West Ham United at their Old Trafford home this past Tuesday. A 98th-minute goal from Scott McTominay proved decisive as the Reds ran out 1-0 winners and reached the next round of the competition. This match was also Rashford’s 250th appearance for the Mancunians since he began playing for them in 2016, making this in football parlance his ‘quarter century’. The 23-year-old became the fourth-youngest to reach the landmark for United, behind George Best, Ryan Giggs and Norman Whiteside – TALKING POINTS: UNITED 1 WEST HAM 0 (Manchester United)

Archaelogists have managed to recreate the sound of a 17,000 year old conch shell found in a cave inhabited by prehistoric people in what is now southern France, reported the BBC. French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) researchers said the shell, found in the 1930s and belonging to a species of mollusc called the cold-water Atlantic sea snail or Charonia lampas, was once assumed to be a ceremonial drinking vessel, but discovered ‘modifications’ that suggested it was in fact used as an instrument. The team sought the services of a musician who played the conch and made notes close to C, C-sharp and D – Ancient hunter-gatherer seashell resonates after 17,000 years (BBC News Science)

There is a coronavirus controversy building up at a pair of hospitals in east Greater London, after it was discovered that a spike in infections was due to patients infected with newer strains of the virus being declared negative as the tests used by medical authorities were unable to detect new strains such as the ‘Kent variant’. King George in Goodmayes and Queen’s in the nearby town of Romford both saw spikes of new infections in December 2020, with a fifth of patients who were infected believed to have been compromised while attending the two facilities – Patients caught Covid in hospital as tests did not pick up new variant (Ilford Recorder)

Software company Salesforce has officially waved goodbye to the practice of people working in offices, declaring the nine-to-five workday that has long been a staple of office life, was now ‘dead’. The vast majority of its employees at the company’s San Francisco headquarters now only attend the office for one to three days a week, with employees now able to work from home permanently, regardless of when the coronavirus pandemic ends. Several other technology firms, such as Twitter, decided to end the traditional office working culture last year as the virus spread across the world, triggering lockdowns and forcing companies to allow their staff to work from home – Salesforce shifts away from in-person work: ‘The 9-to-5 workday is dead’ (The Guardian World US)

Finally, some weird news. A pilot tackling wildfires in California, U.S. got the shock of his life after he acquired an unusual co-pilot mid-flight, an owl. Dan Alpiner, was helping emergency services put out blazes at the Creek Fire burning event in October 2020, when he spotted something fluttering into his aircraft. He looked around and immediately locked eyes with the owl. The bird landed on Alpiner’s neighbouring seat and remained quiet and ‘chill’ for much of the flight, before flying off again when the pilot reached the site of the owl’s unexpected drop-in. “I’m still trying to comprehend it. It was just unreal,” Alpiner said. “It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of things.”Owl Flies Inside Helicopter To Join Pilot Battling Massive Wildfire (The Dodo)

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