SULLEE J: Sullee J ft. Lupe Fiasco – Brian’s Story (Press Release)

Baltimore’s number one hip-hip legend Sullee J is back with a new track with a powerful message. Entitled ‘Brian’s Story’, this meaningful and strength giving track sees Sullee J team up with fellow American rapper Lupe Fiasco, who burst onto the scene in 2006 with his seminal debut album ‘Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor’.

Premiering here on HEM News Agency, Brian’s Story is a project that will hopefully reach people all around the world with the intention to inspire and uplift those who are going through changes. The song is inspired by Austin, Texas native Brian Kinary. Brian has been battling a rare disease since his late teens, which upon being diagnosed changed his whole life around. He is currently thirty-nine years old. The prognosis for Brian was not good, with doctors telling him that he would “not live to see forty.” He has encountered multiple challenges and stays in hospital since being diagnosed, including financial, spiritual and physical, but has persevered despite them. Brian is currently working on his book entitled “I’m Possible” which will reflect to readers a fuller understanding of his life. 

In this song, globally acclaimed artist Sullee J has tapped into the very spirit and conscience of Brian and executed a fraction of his pain for the audience to learn his story. The legend Lupe Fiasco was kind and humble enough to bless the intro of this song with some inspirational and positive words for Brian Kinary.

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