NEWS DIGEST 20.02.2021: UK PM Johnson to begin easing Lockdown No. 3

Good morning and happy Saturday! Today our news sources is Google News. The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has put into motion his plan to ease the national lockdown that began earlier this year. Under his ‘blueprint’ for easing restrictions, Johnson said that two households will be able to meet outside by Easter. The PM plans to announce his terms of lightening restrictions this coming Monday. The UK government also said that care home residents will be allowed one named visitor each by the beginning of March, which will also see the reopening of schools – Two households will be able to meet outside by Easter under PM’s plans to ease lockdown (Evening Standard – News UK)

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Boris Johnson will spend this weekend working on finalising his post-lockdown ‘roadmap’ and opening up the national economy, with the government taking into account the ongoing drop in new coronavirus infections, partially attributable to the massive vaccine rollout for people in vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Despite seculation about the lockdown easing by various members of the press, the government refused to give advance details of the roadmap. The prime minister has said his top priority will be the re-opening of schools. Ministers are also under pressure to re-open pubs, restaurants, shops and the tourism industry – but scientists are warning against a swift return to relative “normality” – Covid-19: Johnson still working on ‘roadmap’ to ease lockdown (BBC News Politics)

There has been ongoing discussion about ‘vaccine passports’ – documents that will enable people who have been immunised against COVID-19 to travel about freely, including taking trips abroad. The government is said to be considering the option, but is wary of putting it to public debate. There are concerns that not having the passports could prevent people from travelling at all, which could have repercussions for the already badly battered tourism and hospitality industries, both at home and abroad. There are also concerns that employers may take it upon themselves to make having a passport a condition of new or continuing employment, which many consider highly controversial – We need a clear answer from Boris Johnson over vaccine passports – but we likely won’t get one (Independent Premium – Inside Westminster)

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