NEWS DIGEST 06.03.2021: New beginnings, new beers, new babies!

Hi everyone!, Today’s news comes to you via Facebook. Confectionary manufacturer Cadbury’s has celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its Creme Egg product by launching a special Creme Egg-flavoured beer in collaboration with Goose Island brewery. The Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout comes in purple, yellow and red coloured cans and HuffPost journalist Nancy Groves and her boyfriend were among the first to try the new tipple. The “eggclectic blend” of malted barley, oats, wheat and milk sugar is meant to give a rich and creme-y texture, say the brewers, with the cacao nibs and vanilla beans adding to the smoothness. See their verdict at the following link: We Tried The Cadbury Creme Egg Beer. Here’s Our Verdict (HuffPost)

Increasing numbers of people are finding themselves forced to stay at home with abusers in toxic relationships and families due to lockdown, and UK newspaper The Guardian has written about some of the charities helping them escape a life of misery and abuse. Telling the stories of people personally affected by spousal abuse, the article highlights charities such as Bawso, a Wales-based charity that specialises in giving support to women from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, often migrants, who are dealing with issues such as domestic abuse, trafficking or forced marriage. The United Nations has described domestic violence as a “shadow pandemic”, with calls to helplines and women seeking places in shelters rising globally. In the UK alone, calls to emergency helplines have increased by eighty per cent during the lockdowns in the past year. Other charities are helping with emergency accommodation and even supplying laptops for abuse victims to speak with psychiatrists – ‘Women are spending all day with their abusers’: the charities helping people escape harm during lockdown (The Guardian/The Guardian Labs)

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea and his partner have celebrated the birth of their first child, announced the football club’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Early yesterday, De Gea announced on Twitter that his girlfriend, Edurne, had given birth to a baby girl they have named Yanay. The little one was born at a hospital in their home country of Spain, and De Gea will be absent from the pitch for a while due to paternity leave. Solskjaer told reporters: “It’s a fantastic day for David, of course. When you become a dad it’s possibly the best feeling you can have. “Those who are lucky enough to have had that feeling know exactly what David is going through now. We’ll give him the time he needs before he comes back. “He asked to go home and in the old world it’s a day and you go and you’re ready again. With the pandemic and the quarantines, it’s a different world.”SOLSKJAER CONFIRMS DE GEA’S ABSENCE (Manchester United)

The Seven Kings branch of Aldi, on the High Road leading out of Ilford in East London, is partnering with food delivery firm Deliveroo to deliver its products to people unable to visit the store, it was announced. The store will offer the service to all customers within a six-kilometre radius, who will be able to choose from four hundred Aldi products available via the Deliveroo app. Aldi has now included a total of 120 of its branches to the delivery service after a successful trial with eight supermarkets – Aldi Seven Kings teams up with Deliveroo (Ilford Recorder)

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