NEWS DIGEST 13.03.2021: Pricey speakers and puppies

Good morning. Today’s news comes from Twitter. The Mayoral Gallery, in Spain’s capital Madrid, will host its first ever art exhibition this month, entitled ‘Zobel and other great post-war artists’ and curated by Alfonso de la Torre. The exhibition will feature a selection of various forms of Spanish post-war art pieces, including photography, publications and related documents, with the much-talked about highlight being an original painting by famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, on sale for EUR €1.2 million (GBP £1.03 mill., USD $1.4 mill.). The exhibition namechecks Fernando Zobel, who is renowned in both Spain and Asia for his works which were influenced by American informalism, Spanish abstract expressionalism and East Asian calligraphy stylistics – A 1.2 million Picasso on sale at the first Mayoral gallery exhibition in Spain’s Madrid (The Olive Press)

Two people have been arrested in the Californian town of Redondo Beach after stealing a French bulldog from its owner. Police were called to the vicinity of South Pacific Coast Highway yesterday morning after report of a robbery, with the suspects seen fleeing in a black Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Officers caught up with the vehicle and arrested its two occupants, named in the report as Andres Renderos and Rachael Sandoval. The bulldog puppy, named Cash was also found and was shortly reunited with his owner, who suffered minor injuries in the robbery. “As reports of violent pet theft rise around the nation, it’s important for pet owners to be vigilant,” said Abbie Moore, chief operating officer for “Thieves are taking brazen action to steal dogs, not just from backyards but also from people who are out walking their dogs. And those dogs are then being sold, sometimes on street corners, but sometimes on classified sites,” the group says – Two arrested after stealing French bulldog from owner in Redondo Beach (Fox 11 Los Angeles)

British currency exchange website, which operates exchange services for both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, has listed its rates and price analyses for a range of popular cryptos including Bitcoin, Etherum, Cardano, Ripple, and 0x. The analysis, which comes with video, will look at the trends of these currencies and how they could progress into this weekend. The analyses were formulated by Jonathan Morgan, a futures, forex and crypto trader and writer, who said that going forward this weekend there will be a lot of selling pressure, especially for altcoin – Cryptocurrency Price Analysis For BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, And ZRX [Video] (

The US state of Mississippi has passed a law banning transsexual girls from participating in school sports. The Republican governor of the state, Tate Reeves, signed off on the Mississippi Fairness Act, which states that boys and girls possess ‘inherently different athletic capabilities’. The controversial law, which is expected to be challenged in the courts, mandates schools to ‘designate their sports teams by biological sex’ and protects them against any lawsuits as a result. In recent years, many male-to-female transgender athletes and sportspeople have been accused of having an unfair advantage physically over non-transitioned female participants in competitive sports – Mississippi bans trans girls from school sports (BBC News World US & Canada)

Technology giant Apple has announced it will be discontinuing production of its HomePod smart speaker product, but will still continue with the speaker’s HomePod Mini version. The company said in a statement released to the media that it will now focus its efforts on the HomePod’s smaller sibling but will continue to offer support to owners of the larger devices. The news was announced yesterday morning. While the original HomePod was lauded for its sound quality, consumers and reviewers balked at its expensive price tag, ten times the amount most other smart speakers retailed for, meaning sales for the devices never reached stratospheric levels – Apple discontinues the HomePod, but the HomePod mini will live on (The Verge)

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