NEWS DIGEST 27.03.2021: London then, now and soon

Good morning. Today’s news comes from Fans of London history (and walking long distances) now have a chance to learn about city life during Anglo-Saxon times with an ‘absolutely epic’ 24-mile (38.6 km.)-long walking tour mapped out by local historian Tom Holland. Holland’s tour plan introduces history buffs to many London locations, street plans and buildings from that era, which lasted for 600 years from 410 to 1066 CE (AD), an important era that helped shaped the country of England. Highlights include Greenwich, called by the Anglo-Saxons ‘Gronewic’ where an English saint who was then archbishop of Canterbury, was pelted to death with ox bones by his bored Viking captors; and Stepney, home to one of the oldest churches in London, founded by Saxons in 952 – Absolutely epic 24-mile London walk that uncovers the capital’s hidden Anglo-Saxon history (MyLondon)

Photo by Ben Sharples on

A bit closer to our time, InYourArea’s editor takes a nostalgic look at reader-contributed photos of life in early 20th-century London. The images were uploaded by contributors affiliated with the site’s Memory Lane community, and includes old sepia portraits of individuals and families, such as an old monochrome print of the boxer Charles Dew in a very odd running pose, many years before either Usain Bolt, Anthony Joshua or Vladimir Klitschko were but sparkles in their parents’ eyes – Editor’s Pick: A trip down Memory Lane – Life in early 20th century London (InYourArea Newsroom Memory Lane)

Local news site MyLondon has released a map showing the London boroughs with lowest numbers of people vaccinated against coronavirus so far. The colour-coded map was built with data supplied by the British state-run health agency the National Health Service (NHS) and shows the boroughs with the smallest number of their population being inoculated all being in inner London, with the City of London leading the pack at only 21.5 per cent, with neighbouring Hackney at 23.3 per cent – London Covid: Map shows the London boroughs with the lowest vaccinated population so far (MyLondon)

A housing development project in Barking’s Abbey Road Town Quay area has been given the go-ahead by the local council, and which will see 150 homes built as part of three blocks of flats containing residences from 1 to 3 bedroom format. The project is being run by Weston Homes, and will see the likely demolition of the building currently at the site. The site, which is located in west Barking on the banks of the river Roding will also have 62 ‘affordable homes’ intended for local residents and first-time buyers new to the housing market. Proposals also include 980 square metres of commercial floor space and the creation of a pedestrianised plaza and riverside walk – Riverside redevelopment plan in Barking gets green light (Barking & Dagenham Post)


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