NEWS DIGEST 10.04.2021: Breaking fasts, climbing bridges

Good morning. This day’s news comes from our Twitter list HEM Newsbreakers. Egyptians getting ready for the start of the fasting month of Ramadan on the 12th April (Monday next week) have began reclaiming seasonal traditions affected by the current pandemic. Last year, social distancing forced many traditions such as special ‘tarawih’ prayers and family gatherings to be cancelled. This year, the Egyptian government has given the nod to mass prayers at mosques and allowed restaurants and cafes to stay open until 11.00pm so people can break their fasts – Egyptians reclaim Ramadan traditions amid softer COVID-19 restrictions (ahramonline)

The military regime that recently came to power in Myanmar after staging a coup against the previous democratically elected government has sentenced 19 protesters to death, it has emerged. They had been accused in the death of a soldier during riots in the the capital Yangon. There have been reports of multitudes of civilian protesters being gunned down by armed forces. According to the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners, 614 people have been killed, including 41 children. Another 2,800 people have been arrested and imprisoned. The military junta recently refused entrance into Myanmar by the UN Special Envoy for the country, Christine Schraner Burgener, who urged the regime to desist from violence and enter dialogues – Yangon, la giunta condanna a morte 19 manifestanti (

In Mumbai, India, two Russian tourists have been arrested after they performed stunts at the famous Bandra–Worli Sea Link bridge which stretches over part of the Arabian Sea connecting the districts of Bandra and Worli. Maksim Shcherbakov and Vasili Kolesenikov travelled to the bridge by taxi last Wednesday evening. Shcherbakov and his friend then began walking along the structure before he began climbing up one of its cables. Passers-by called the police who arrived immediately and arrested the men. Both tourists, who are said to be stuntspeople working for a circus and who specialise in high climbs, have been placed on bail and have been charged with committing a ‘rash or negligent act’ and refusing to heed the order of a public servant (possibly referring to police orders) – Mumbai: Two Russians held for performing stunts at sea link (The Free Press Journal)

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