NEWS DIGEST 11.04.2021: Child shot dead in US drive-by, other stories

Good morning. Today’s news comes from Twitter. In tragic news this morning, a three-year-old child is reported to have died in a shooting on a street in the American town of Hartford. The child was in a car that was shot at by the occupants of a stolen black Honda Accord vehicle. The unnamed toddler was with his mother and two siblings, as well as a male driver who police believe was the intended target of the shooting. The child was rushed to a local hospital but passed on from his injuries. Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody says the shooting was captured on police cameras. Local police are currently investigating.

3-Year-Old Child Killed In Hartford Shooting (Ace Newsroom Live/Ace Worldwide News Group)
3-Year-Old Child Killed In Hartford Shooting (CBS New York)

A giant mansion on Spain’s popular Costa Blanca has become the most expensive house in the area, it is currently on sale for a mind-blowing EUR €12.5 million (GBP £10.9 mill., USD $14.9 mill.). The colonial-style residence, situated in Javea, occupies 2,300 square metres and boasts ten bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, two swimming pools, and even space to add in a heliport. It rises to four storeys high – Check out the most expensive property for sale on Spain’s Costa Blanca (The Olive Press)

A 3,000-year-old ‘lost city’ has been uncovered by archaeologists near the famous ancient Egyptian city and tourist attraction of Luxor. Local historical experts conducting a dig near the famed African monument uncovered houses built from mud, replete with different artifacts and tools – 3,000 year-old lost city found in Egypt (Euronews/Flipboard)

Financial services firm UBS has predicted that 80,000 physical stores will disappear from American high streets within the next five years, resulting in a ten per cent decline in the number of ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores in the country. Retail chains in the US are being hammered from all sides by increasing reliance on online shopping, physical shopping malls and dropshippers such as Amazon, with the coronavirus pandemic worsening their situation. The figure was reported on the website PracticalEcommerce by UBS business analyst Michael Lasser, who told the site that it is possible the number could end up being higher, and also stated that the U.S. retail landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation – What if 80,000 Brick-and-mortar Stores Closed? (PracticalEcommerce)

A faith healer in Pakistan has caused a stir after he was videoed walking around a hospital ward in the city of Peshawar blowing his breath onto bedded patients while medical staff allegedly stood by and did nothing to intervene. The strange incident occurred at a ward for coronavirus patients at the Lady Reading Hospital in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa city. The healer was seen walking from bed to bed, ‘insufflating’ the patients while accompanied by a retinue of followers and an armed guard. He could be seen touching the patients and talking to them. He allegedly claimed he has divine powers that could cure the virus. Ironically even media persons were banned from entering the COVID ward, and only medical staff were meant to have access to patients there. The video was widely shared on social media in Pakistan, where it has caused an uproar – Faith healer video causes public uproar (The Express Tribune)

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