NEWS DIGEST 24.04.2021: Experiencing history (and dentists) in London as lockdown eases

Good morning everyone!. Today our news is brought by Romford’s own city paper, the Romford Recorder, charts the history of local landmark Cranham Holme, a stately home that has had a series of eclectic owners as told by local historian Andy Grant. Sitting on the outskirts of town and Greater London, the residence also known as Cranham Court in later years, passed through a succession of hands, including an orchard lover, a disreputable doctor and a philanthropist. The house was built around 1902-1903, so is quite new in comparison to other manor houses in England. Cranham was also for a while a nursing home for elderly people – Heritage: Charting history of Cranham Holme and its eclectic owners (Romford Recorder)

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According to figures published by the UK’s National Health Service, residents of Barking & Dagenham borough in London have the worst teeth, and are most likely to need dental work such as fillings and decay repair. Dentists in the borough performed 36,614 fillings and fissure sealants on adults and another 25,946 on children in 2020. This works out to twenty-five procedures per 100 adults of the Barking and Dagenham population. The East London borough sits in 24 position in national rankings of the worst teeth. The borough of Haringey follows closely behind Barking and Dagenham in second position for the worst teeth based on fillings and fissure sealants received, with 44,214 adults receiving treatment – People in this London borough have the worst teeth according to NHS figures (MyLondon)

London news website MyLondon gives a rundown of the best National Trust properties that Londoners can visit within a 45 minute distance of their home, as people get ready to go travelling again as lockdown eases. NT stately homes are being re-opened for visitors from this May, and visitors can also check out gardens and centuries-old manor houses owned by wealthy landowners from times long gone – The best National Trust properties and gardens to visit within 45 minutes of your part of London (MyLondon)

The London borough of Hillingdon, in the west of the Greater London metropolitan area, has been ranked second best for primary school acceptance in the city. This means that the vast majority of children entering primary school education are able to get their first choice of school. Out of the 3,664 primary school applications processed by Hillingdon Council, 93.7% of children were offered their parents’ first preference, while 98.79% offered a place at one of their top three, and 99.3% offered one of their six selections. The first best borough for school acceptances was Barking and Dagenham, with 94.4% of parents offered their first choice – Hillingdon top two borough for primary school acceptance (This is Local London)

Back in Barking and Dagenham borough, people are being urged to remain vigilant against the spread of coronavirus, even as cases in the area fall and restrictions are pulled back. Barking and Dagenham saw 54 new cases of the virus in the week up to April 15, according to the council. The borough’s rate was 25 cases per 100,000 people up to the same date. This compares to a previous peak of 1,700 per 100,000. Local councillor Maureen Worby warned that the ‘virus is still out there’ and that people will need annual injections and everyone should make vigilance their new by-word in ensuring public safety. Worby urged residents to get tested if they think they are showing symptoms. Around 70,000 residents have at least had their first course of the vaccines on offer – Call to remain vigilant despite Barking and Dagenham Covid-19 figures fall (Barking & Dagenham Post)


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