NEWS DIGEST 01.05.2021: Cute animals, e-scooters, and aid for India’s COVID battle

Good morning. Welcome to a sunny May here in Ilford. Today’s news comes from Facebook posts.

The sister of a six-year-old boy who suffered a fractured skull after being hit by an e-scooter rider has called for a ban on the devices for under-21s. Brooklyn Smith said her little brother Jamie suffers anxiety attacks at the sight of e-scooters after he was knocked unconscious by a teenager riding one of the vehicles in Leicester. It comes as latest figures show more than 70 people have been injured during the government’s e-scooter trials – including 11 people who were seriously hurt. E-scooter trials are expected to launch in London in the coming weeks, with an announcement on the start date expected after the city’s mayoral election on 6 May. People renting e-scooters from operators taking part in the trials need to have a full or provisional car, motorcycle or moped licence, and they have been urged to wear a helmet – E-scooters: Sister of six-year-old boy who had skull fractured by teenage rider calls for under-21 ban (Sky News UK)

Six males were detained by police and three knives were recovered after reports of a large fight in Gants Hill, in the Greater London town of Ilford, England yesterday. Police were called at 4.50pm to a group of mostly young males fighting with weapons in the Cranbrook Road area. No one with injuries was found but police detained six males and recovered three knives. An investigation is underway and police are examining detailed analysis of CCTV footage from the scene. Anyone with information that may assist police is asked to call 101 referencing 5311/30Apr or you can provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers – Six males detained after brawl in Gants Hill (Ilford Recorder)

Everyone of us somehow have that ‘one friend’ who always manages to ruin group photos all the time, Whether they blink at the wrong moment or decide to pully a funny face, capturing each individual in a flattering light can be a real challenge. Take this Hong Kong-based family of Shiba Inus for example. Shiba Inus are known for being strong-willed, but Hina seems to take her individuality to the next level. The adorable Shiba Inu could charm the socks off anyone with his beautiful face, but every time Hina and his siblings gather in front of the camera, Hina just can’t resist making a goofy face. With just more than 100,000 Instagram followers, Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina have a very devoted online following, which comes as no surprise – Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Photos (Aww Animals)

Being two-faced is generally considered to be a bad thing. Unless you’re Yana the cat that is. Because as you can see, this adorable chimeric feline has the most beautiful unique markings. She looks like her parents ran out of ink while they were coloring her in! The cat was posted in a classified advert in a Belarussian website called Nasha Niva back in July 2016. She was looking for a new owner, and it didn’t take her long to find one! She now lives with Elizabeth, an architect and design student from Orsha, Belarus, who studies at the National Technical University in Minsk. Not only that but she’s also become an internet star with over 16k followers on Instagram! – Meet Yana, The Two-Faced Kitty Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink (

The UK will send further vital oxygen equipment to India in support of the country’s fight against coronavirus. The UK is sending further life-saving oxygen equipment to India, including three oxygen generation units, each producing 500 litres of oxygen per minute, and which are the size of shipping containers. Medical equipment from the UK arrived in India earlier this week, with more to be delivered over the coming days The UK will send further vital oxygen equipment to India in support of the country’s fight against COVID-19. Three oxygen generation units will be sent from surplus stocks in Northern Ireland to support India by providing more oxygen to those suffering from COVID-19. The oxygen units are each capable of producing 500 litres of oxygen per minute, enough for 50 people to use at a time. This follows the UK’s recent action to support India, with 495 oxygen concentrators and 200 ventilators sent from surplus stocks. International collaboration is more essential than ever, and this additional UK support package will help meet India’s current needs, particularly for more oxygen – UK sends oxygen factories to support India (

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, grounded Thursday by a pesky-but-understood software issue, successfully completed its fourth flight in the ultra-thin atmosphere of Mars this past Friday, kicking off a new phase of extended science operations for the $80 million drone. As a result, NASA managers decided to expand the drone’s mission to include at least one more month of flight operations, putting the rotorcraft to work collecting science data. Ingenuity captured the world’s imagination with its first flight on April 19, about a month after arriving on Mars with the Perseverance rover. For its third flight on April 25, Ingenuity climbed back up to 16 feet and flew 164 feet down range before returning to its starting point. The team originally planned to launch the helicopter on its fourth flight Thursday, but data beamed back to Earth showed Ingenuity’s flight computer failed to transition to flight mode as expected. At the time, engineers debated whether to erase Ingenuity’s flight software and load a modified version from scratch or to simply uplink additional commands that would improve the odds of a successful transition to flight mode. Ingenuity then carried out three successful test flights in a row going into Thursday’s planned flight when, again, it failed to switch into flight mode – Mars Ingenuity helicopter chalks up record flight as NASA extends its mission (CBS News)

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