SULLEE J: 1:30 AM ft. Solace Nerwal

Baltimore’s leading rap artist Sullee J, also known as Sullee Justice, has returned to his longstanding collaboration with Washington, DC-Based producer-musician Solace Nerwal for a brand-new single, which came out on the 5th May and is slated for international release.

1:30 AM is a track straight from the heart. It’s a mixture of Bollywood and hip-hop musical genres. It captures the raw emotion of both of these artists and how meaningful music is to them. Sullee J and Solace Nerwal get together once again and teach you how producing meaningful music not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. 1:30 AM touches on several aspects of being an artist, including writing, the producing, the mixing, and the times when other people steal your music and call it their own.

1:30 AM is a track produced by Solace Nerwal, bringing the crowd a fresh new sound. The video is directed by Sullee J & Solace Nerwal, and this incredible fusion track is now available on all of your favourite music outlets such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal and more.

♪ Stream & Download the Full Song on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.

♪ Song: 1:30 AM
♪ Singer: Solace Nerwal, Sullee J
♪ Lyrics: Solace Nerwal
♪ Rap Lyrics: Sullee J
♪ Composer: Solace Nerwal
♪ Music: Solace Nerwal
♪ Audio Mixed and Mastered by: Solace Nerwal
♪ Video Director: Sullee J, Solace Nerwal
#130AM​#SolaceNerwal​#SulleeJ​​#LatestPunjabiSongs​#DesiHipHop​#NewSong2021​ ________________________________________
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