NEWS DIGEST 30.05.2021: Corona struggles in India and the US

Good morning. Today, our news comes from the HEM Bloggers List run by HEMNA on Twitter.

India’s second wave of Covid-19 has overwhelmed the healthcare system, leaving hospitals struggling to cope and critical drugs and oxygen in short supply. The BBC’s Nikita Mandhani shares how the trauma of the second wave in India has affected her and how she found hope whenever everything seemed bleak – Holding on to hope during India’s Covid disaster (BBC News India)

In the 14 months since their mother’s death, New York residents Xavier and Adriana Salomon have managed to reshape their lives, unearthing courage where there was sorrow. After his mother had been buried next to his father at a cemetery in Queens, Xavier found her words rattling around in his head. After his mother died, Xavier wanted to stay in the family’s two-bedroom railroad apartment, the only place that held memories of both his parents. Xavier started calling Adriana “Mini me” and her family nickname “Chouchou,” a term of endearment in Haitian Creole, the language their mother grew up speaking. Their mother had been the one to wake Adriana for school, something Xavier was too tired to do because of long work shifts. Xavier often felt like he should give Adriana the life their mother would have provided – ‘What Do I Do Next?’: Orphaned by Covid, Two Teens Find Their Way (The New York Times)

The remains of 215 children, some as young as three years old, were found at the site of a former residential school for indigenous children, a discovery Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described as heartbreaking on Friday. The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978, according to the Tk’emlúps te Secwe’pemc Nation, which said the remains were found with the help of a ground penetrating radar specialist. Canada’s residential school system, which forcibly separated indigenous children from their families, constituted “cultural genocide,” a six-year investigation into the now-defunct system found in 2015. The report documented horrific physical abuse, rape, malnutrition and other atrocities suffered by many of the 150,000 children who attended the schools, typically run by Christian churches on behalf of Ottawa from the 1840s to the 1990s. It found more than 4,100 children died while attending residential school. The deaths of the 215 children buried in the grounds of what was once Canada’s largest residential school are believed to not have been included in that figure and appear to have been undocumented until the discovery – Remains of 215 children found at former indigenous school site in Canada (Reuters World)

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