NEWS DIGEST 13.06.2021: The circus comes to (East London) town; other news

Good morning. This Sunday our news snippets are brought to you by InYourArea. The world famous Zippo’s Circus, has resumed its tour of the UK, and is touching down at Central Park, in London’s East Ham district, on the 13-15 June, 2021. New show from Zippo’s Circus, set up to comply with COVID-19 health and safety measures. Featuring Brazilian showman Paulo Dos Santos, a multi-talented comic, acrobat and martial artist who stands at just over a metre tall, the famous Globe of Death, ‘elastic’ tumblers from Kenya, high-adrenaline skills via an astonishing Wheel of Death and more – Zippo’s Circus: Rebound (InYourArea)

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Residents in England could have up to seven bins in plans to reform waste collection. The District Councils’ Network, which represents 183 councils in England, claims the plans could see households need four separate bins for dry recyclables – glass, metal, plastic, paper and card – as well as waste collectables for garden waste, food waste and non-recyclables. A spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs said: “Rather than standardise waste collections, local communities should be able to decide what works best for them.” “We are going further and faster to recycle more of our waste to protect the environment – less than 10% of household waste is now going to landfill and the amount of food waste being recycled is up by over 40% since 2015.“But we must do more, and through our major reforms of kerbside collections we will boost recycling levels and step up our war on plastic pollution – while our proposed weekly food waste collections will maximise recycling and stop the build-up of smelly waste around homes.”Households to get seven bins in England-wide waste collection reform plans (InYourArea Newsroom National)

Mercato Ilford will open in November, it has been confirmed. Arriving as part of a drive to transform Ilford town centre into a vibrant cultural quarter, Redbridge Council said the Oakfield Road project will generate more than 100 new jobs. Council leader Jas Athwal said: “MM Ilford and SPACE Ilford are both part of the Good Growth Fund regeneration project known as ‘The Spark’ that was developed with the Greater London Authority to kick-start our longer-term ambitions for Ilford town centre. “This project and the SPACE Ilford art studios are helping to regenerate Ilford by transforming space in the town centre into a vibrant market and art studio” Mercato Ilford is set to include communal seating for 600 people and space for 30 stalls, including a low-packaging grocery store, as well as a German craft brewery. MM’s managing director, Amedeo Claris, added: “This project is a great example of how private organisations such as Mercato Metropolitano and other Spark partners can create synergies with local and regional authorities to deliver inclusive and representative regeneration within city centres.” Mercato Ilford is being funded by a £1.8million grant, drawn from a £70m public fund dedicated to urban regeneration projects – Ilford’s Mercato Metropolitano to open in November (Ilford Recorder)

A man has been jailed for 10 years after a gun and cocaine worth over £1 million was found at his home, including under his child’s cot. Officers from the Organised Crime Partnership (OCP), a joint NCA and Metropolitan Police Service unit, arrested Muhamet Qosja, 29, in October last year after he was followed and stopped in his car on Melbourne Road in Ilford. Another six kilos of cocaine and drugs paraphernalia was found in laundry bags. The drugs would be worth in the region of £1.1 million if sold on the streets of the UK. Qosja told officers that he’d been living in the UK illegally since arriving from Albania in 2014, and he actively sought out work as a drug dealer, as he knew it ‘paid well’. Today [10 June] at Snaresbrook Crown Court, he was sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty to firearms, drugs and money laundering charges last year. “Violence and exploitation are directly linked to drug trafficking and the illegal use of firearms, the impact of which damages our communities”. “The OCP is dedicated to protecting the public by reducing the availability of firearms and disrupting the supply of drugs at all stages.”East London man who sought out drug dealers to earn cash in UK jailed (National Crime Agency)

An Ilford GP has hit out at plans to upload NHS patient data onto a central database which would be available to academic and commercial third parties. The proposals, known as the General Practice Data for Planning and Research, would see the medical histories of more than 55 million patients placed on NHS England servers, unless they opt out before it is introduced. Simon Bolton, chief executive of NHS Digital, stressed the positive impact of data sharing: “Data saves lives and has huge potential to rapidly improve care and outcomes, as the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has shown. “The vaccine rollout could not have been delivered without effective use of data to ensure it reached the whole population.” Patient data has been used to identify which treatments effectively combat coronavirus, including dexamethasone, which the NHS claims saved 22,000 lives in the UK by April 2021. Addressing the House of Commons on the delayed introduction of the programme, health minister Jo Churchill said: “We will use this time to talk to patients, doctors, health charities and others to strengthen the plan, build a trusted research environment and ensure that data is accessed securely” – Ilford GP criticises NHS patient data sharing plans (Ilford Recorder)

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