NEWS DIGEST 20.06.2021: Former UK parliament speaker Bercow defects to Labour, other UK stories

Good morning, and happy Father’s Day to those celebrating. Our news today is from our newest current affairs source, NewsNow.

Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, 58, has defected from the Conservative Party to Labour. Commenting on the work of the government, the former Commons Speaker argued that the public is tired of “a failure to deliver”, underscoring that the government needs to be replaced, and going on to accuse the current authorities of spreading lies. “I regard the government’s treatment of parliament as a disgrace. I believe the truth matters. I believe parliament matters. And I believe that telling the truth in and to parliament matters. There is growing, extensive, and incontrovertible evidence that the government is disrespecting parliament, telling untruths to parliament and bypassing parliament”, Bercow told The Observer, adding that it was “utterly shameful” that the government decided to cut Britain’s international aid. Incidentally, Bercow’s wife Sally has long been a Labour member and even ran as the party’s candidate for the Westminster council. A government source said Bercow’s defection was not a “surprise” – Former Commons Speaker Bercow Defects to Labour, Calls UK PM Boris Johnson ‘Lousy Governor’ (Sputnik)

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A man who collapsed on a street when he had a stroke in London’s West End has tracked down the “guardian angel” who saved his life. Mathew O’Toole, 47, had been sitting on a bench outside a coffee shop in Wigmore Street, Mayfair, on 10 June when he began vomiting and sweating, when a nurse named Dani or Danielle came to his aid. His wife, Georgina O’Toole said the family hoped to be able to do something in thanks, such as donating to a charity of her choice. “Although we know the common side effects of a stroke, there can be lots of symptoms including vomiting, double vision, spinning, and nausea and I want to get that across and make sure that nobody passes on by,” she said. Mrs O’Toole said the family was grateful they were able to spend Father’s Day together. One in four strokes happen to people under the age of 65, according to the charity Different Strokes. Stroke symptoms include sudden loss of vision, sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, sudden memory loss or confusion, sudden dizziness or unsteadiness, or a sudden fall – Mayfair ‘guardian angel’ who saved man’s life after stroke found (BBC News UK London)

According to Public Health England, a total of 721,469 slots were reserved through the national vaccine booking service on Friday 18th June, as 18-20 year-olds can now book their Covid-19 vaccine appointment. This latest age group now means that all over-18s can now get their vaccine, just six months on from when the first doses started to be delivered to the general public. To cope with the obvious high demand of the rollout, stadiums and football grounds across London have transformed into giant vaccination centres, administering thousands of doses at a time. Similar scale operations have been carried out at the likes of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium too. West Ham United’s London Stadium carried out approximately 15,000 vaccinations yesterday, with “hundreds and hundreds” of people lining up to receive their first dose – OVER 700,000 GOT THEIR VACCINE ON FIRST DAY OF JABS FOR 18-20-YEAR-OLDS (Joe)

The British Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland, has criticised Labour’s call for his resignation if he does not reverse plunging levels of rape prosecutions and convictions in a year as “dangerous”. Ministers set out plans for a “system and culture change” after convictions for rape and lesser offences in England and Wales hit a record low. Mr Buckland struck back on Sunday, refusing to say whether he would resign if he fails to meet a target to rectify the issue, and describing the call as “constitutionally illiterate”. The latest CPS figures for 2019-20 show 1,439 suspects were convicted of rape or lesser offences in England and Wales last year – the lowest level since records began. There are an estimated 128,000 victims of rape and attempted rape a year, but only 1.6% of reported cases results in a charge – Minister strikes back at resignation call if he fails to tackle rape figures (Evening Standard News UK)

Civil wedding and partnership ceremonies will be able to take place outdoors for the first time in England and Wales from next month. Laws for approved premises, such as hotels, currently require the ceremony to take place in an approved room or permanent structure. Such venues will from 1 July be able to host the whole event outside under the move to legalise outdoor civil ceremonies. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said: “A couple’s wedding day is one of the most special times in their lives and this change will allow them to celebrate it the way that they want”. The change will benefit almost 75 per cent of weddings that are non-religious and take place on approved premises, as well as civil partnerships, according to the Government – Outdoor civil wedding and partnership ceremonies given go-ahead (The London Economic)

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