NEWS DIGEST 27.06.2021: More support for UK adult social care, other stories

Good morning. A rainy Sunday here in Ilford brings you the latest events in current affairs from Facebook.

Minister for Care Helen Whately said: We are keeping up our support for social care through the pandemic’. Infection Control Funding is used by care homes and home care providers to keep their staff and residents safe. The adult social care provider sector has worked extremely hard to continue to protect the people it supports and cares for through extensive infection control and testing procedures. Throughout the pandemic the government has sought to protect everyone working in the social care sector or receiving social care, particularly given the increased risk people in these settings face. Free PPE is provided to the care sector until March 2022 and to date, more than 35 million PCR swab test kits and 85 million LFDs have been sent to care homes – Adult social care given over £250 million extra to continue coronavirus (COVID-19) protections (

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If two black holes collide in the vacuum of space, do they make a sound? Sound waves can’t travel in the almost perfect vacuum of space – no one can hear you scream, as the tagline from Alien goes. Electromagnetic and gravitational waves can, and a new album has turned these signals from space into musical tracks. The album, Celestial Incantations, incorporates cosmic “sounds” from within and beyond our solar system, such as the oscillations of a comet, radiation from a galactic pulsar and the merger of two black holes. Other tracks incorporate sounds from space exploration, such as Nasa’s Voyager 1 space probe leaving our solar system, and the first acoustic recording of the atmosphere of Mars, recorded at the Jezero crater in February – ‘Chirps’ in space: new album captures the sound of black holes colliding (The Guardian UK edition Space)

Physicist Carlo Ravelli shares some of the momentous learnings of his life and career with Michael Segalov of British newspaper The Guardian, covering topics such as physics, hallucinogenic drugs, politics, and an escape from an angry bear – Carlo Rovelli: ‘My work in physics is endlessly creative’ (The Guardian UK edition This much I know Life and Style – Interview)

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” That is the thought process of Rory Mack, one of the organisers behind Redbridge’s first Upcycle and Recycle Market. The 33-year-old, who grew up in Ilford, said: “We wanted to create a platform where people can exchange their clothes, rather than sending them to a landfill.” Rory volunteers with Space Generators, a charity which converts empty commercial buildings into pop up creative community hubs. Upcycle and Recycle market coming to Redbridge Charity Space Generators – with whom Rory volunteers – has converted the former Goodmayes Homebase building in High Road into a creative community hub which will host Wednesday’s market. The market will have a swap shop for exchanging clothes and an indoor car boot sale. The aim is to make it a fortnightly event, according to Rory – Upcycle and recycle market coming to former Goodmayes Homebase site (Ilford Recorder Lifestyle)

The last time I drove a car in the Scarborough area would have been in the winter of 2001. If A64 enhancements are carried out, the Scarborough area will become gridlocked, causing poor air quality and thus defeating the reason to visit the town. Today Whitby shares the Scarborough road congestion problem. The solution is to reopen the Pickering to Rillington junction railway and grant the highly popular North Yorkshire Moors Railway powers to York. For Scarborough and Whitby, the solution is a train service with fares that are cheaper than the combined fuel and parking charge for families. Many older readers will remember the massive traffic jams at Malton caused by the level crossing as a constant stream of trains went to Whitby and Scarborough – Time to extend North Yorkshire Moors Railway services to York – Yorkshire Post Letters (The Yorkshire Post)

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