NEWS DIGEST 04.07.2021: Pinterest group boards for marketing success, other news

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Group boards are initially created by a group board owner who sets the topic and the rules – and can add contributors to the board. When you are looking for great group boards to reach a new audience and boost your Pinterest marketing, you have to make absolutely sure that the group board is. Let’s start with the benefits of group boards and why some people tell you that group boards are the answer to your Pinterest marketing struggle. For your own Pinterest boards to achieve this diversity you would need to spend a considerable amount of time researching related pins that earn a ton of repins and pin these to your boards. So why am I so strongly pointing to downsides of using Pinterest group boards for reaching Pinterest marketing success? A group board strategy always includes pinning many pins to a couple of group boards – no not all of them at a time. If you pin 3-5 pins to each of your group boards per day and have a couple of group boards – that are a lot of pins even if you still have a couple of own boards that you regularly pin your contents to – The Truth About Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons You need to know (The Social Ms)

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Subscription for software licensing has shifted the industrial software market. In the industrial sector, where software frequently requires implementation and deep domain expertise, the quality of the support users get when acquiring subscription software can dramatically impact the outcomes they get from the software. Unlike perpetual software licensing where software is purchased outright at the start, subscription solutions begin with a fraction of the initial “full” product cost. To ensure long-term customer relationships and minimize churn, suppliers must help ensure that their customers can optimally use their software and that they are able to meet the business objectives they acquired the software to achieve. As part of the selection criteria for industrial software investments, users should look for a vendor that offers programs and services that balance reactive issue resolution with proactively driving onboarding, adoption and success – Accelerated Digital Transformation Puts the Spotlight on Customer Success (7wData)

Around a third of people in England who developed covid-19 went on to experience long term symptoms sometimes called “long covid,” a UK study has found and experts believe that more than two million people could have been affected in this way. The study, published as a preprint and not yet peer reviewed,1 found that around a fifth of those surveyed reported having had contracted covid-19 previously, with more than a third reporting at least one persistent symptom and 14.8% experiencing three or more symptoms lasting at least 12 weeks. Almost a third of people with at least one symptom lasting 12 weeks or more reported having had severe covid-19 symptoms that had a “significant effect on my daily life” at the time of their illness. The authors suggested various possible reasons why women seemed to be more likely to have long covid symptoms. 2 It found that a sixth of middle aged people who reported being infected with SARS-CoV-2 also reported long covid symptoms but that this proportion fell to 7.8% in younger adults – Covid-19: Third of people infected have long term symptoms (thebmj News)

Unlike names or other personal information, biometrics are sticky – it’s not something you can change or escape. As biometric registration of refugees has been rolled out in more and more places over the past decade, questionable practices around informed consent, data sharing and accountability have been a troublingly consistent feature. None of the people we spoke to knew of anyone who had refused to offer their biometrics because, as another put it, ‘I will give my information if it means assistance’. Concerns around sharing biometrics are deeply linked with how that data might be used. Partially, it’s a question of who biometrics are really for. With little meaningful power or representation, refugees have time and again been shut out of decisions as to how biometrics should be rolled out, what data gets shared with whom, what the risks are, and how they should best be mitigated, During registration processes, even the basic step of explaining what is going on does not appear to be a priority, let alone a wider consultative process. Refugees should be involved in deciding whether biometrics are appropriate at all – as is the case with cash transfer programming- rather than being provided with individual opt-outs once the process has already started. This may not always be possible as, increasingly, the use of biometrics in refugee registration is becoming a requirement of host governments – Although shocking, the Rohingya biometrics scandal is not surprising and could have been prevented (ODI)

Israeli officials are said set to weigh reinstating some virus restrictions as the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant continues to spread in the country. The cabinet last met on Sunday to discuss increased testing and enforcement on Israel’s borders, but did not add any major new restrictions on the public after the indoor mask mandate was reintroduced last Friday. The spike in cases, blamed on the ultra-infectious Delta variant, comes as Israel races to vaccinate its preteens and teenagers aged 12-15, with nearly 10,000 first-shot immunizations administered Friday. Despite having millions of unused doses, it inked a deal in April under former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for 18 million more doses, in case they are needed for booster shots. Despite the rise in cases, the positivity rate in recent weeks is still significantly lower than January’s near 10% rate during the so-called third virus wave – Officials to weigh reimposing some virus restrictions as Delta variant spreads (The Times of Israel)

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