NEWS DIGEST 31.07.2021: Drawings & social marketing musings

Good morning and happy weekend! Our news today comes from the HEMNA Twitter page, HEM Bloggers List

“People hate to see their vices depicted, but vice is terrible and it should be depicted.” Aubrey Beardsley. The Studio, a new illustrated magazine of fine and applied art, published its first issue featuring a daring illustration for Oscar Wilde’s scandalous play, Salome. The Irish playwright inspired a young English artist, Aubrey Beardsley, to create a stunning femme fatale in black ink and graphite on paper. Provocative! Beardsley made a name for himself that day. In grammar school, he drew caricatures of his teachers and illustrated the school’s journal, Past to Present. Sir Edward Burne-Jones, artist, designer and an associate of William Morris, mentored Aubrey Beardsley, encouraging him to take evening classes at the Westminster School of Art. Not just one or two illustrations – but over three hundred!! For more on this story, check out this post link, Aubrey Beardsley – FridayPainting: Aubrey Beardsley “Arthur and the Strange Mantle” (ChasingART/WordPress)

You want proof? In February, Facebook spent an estimated $10 million on a commercial for Facebook groups during Super Bowl. There are Facebook groups that will work well for you – and other Facebook groups will be boring or even frustrating for you, to say the least. Because there is more to Facebook groups for blogs or businesses than just joining them in large numbers and then shout out the same posts you would have used on your Facebook Fanpage. Facebook groups are a place on Facebook where like-minded people or people with similar interests meet to exchange thoughts, information, and tips from their niche. With 2.7m members in the group and 312k fans to the Instant Pot Facebook Fanpage, this group is a great example of the popularity of groups with Facebook users – How to Effectively Use Facebook Groups for Business (The Social Ms)

France, unlike every other European Union country, presents too much of a threat to public health in the UK. Never mind that at the time our new infection rates were seven times higher than those of the French, prompting France’s Europe minister, Clément Beaune, to protest: “The UK’s quarantine measures for France are excessive and incomprehensible in health terms.” France’s amber plus status was decided, the foreign secretary revealed, because of “the prevalence of the so-called Beta variant, in particular in the Réunion bit of France”. With mainland France off the agenda because – we now know – of high levels of the Beta variant on the French island of Réunion, I recommend a location from which those of us lucky enough to have been fully vaccinated can return without the need to quarantine. Listed prettily on the amber register between Portugal and Romania is the French island of Réunion. You can even launder your French “Amber plus” status there: just fly from Paris to the isle, stretch out in a hammock for 10 days and fly back via Mauritius, to avoid mainland France – FRANCE IS ‘AMBER PLUS’ BECAUSE OF THE FRENCH ISLAND OF RÉUNION. BUT RÉUNION IS NOT (Independent Indy/Life)

What I often miss in the heated discussion about social media being social and automation not being social is that I and millions of other people in social media are talking about social media MARKETING and not social media chit chat or social media-I have nothing else to do. “Advice on how to keep going without automation while working hard on something else is usually: „Tell someone in the office to tweet your content while you cannot do it yourself” or “Leave an editorial calendar for your assistant.” Sorry, but what kind of advice is that for a one man/woman show or like us here at The Social Ms: Two people juggling several huge social media accounts in various social networks, creating online products, working on clients projects and marketing all that on a budget? Of course, social media is social, and you should include your personality and some conversation into your social media marketing strategy. I strongly doubt that anyone would define their marketing goal as “do as little automation as possible.” If it is, maybe you should ask yourself if you should be doing marketing at all!? Rather your marketing goals are probably something like “find x new customers in the next 3 months” or “double the traffic to your blog in the next 6 months.” The best and most efficient strategy for reaching your marketing goals may well be to automate a couple of things in your social media activities to free some of your time for additional measures. Marketing automation is a tool that can help you run your social media like a pro without having to neglect your day job – 9 Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing Automation (The Social Ms)

For weeks, President Trump and his supporters had been proclaiming Jan. 6, 2021, as a day of reckoning. Then a large mob of those supporters, many waving Trump flags and wearing Trump regalia, violently stormed the Capitol to take over the halls of government and send elected officials into hiding, fearing for their safety. As his aides and supporters did what they could to forestall the inevitable – a lawsuit by the Texas congressman Louie Gohmert, a 36-page report alleging election fraud by the Trump adviser Peter Navarro – Mr. Trump continued tweeting. A sense of the percolating trouble came with a widely circulated video of a Trump supporter confronting Senator Mitt Romney, the Utah Republican and a frequent Trump critic, at Salt Lake International Airport as he awaited a flight Tuesday to Washington. Thousands gathered in downtown Washington, forming rivers of Trump red that commingled the Trump and American flags – ‘Be There. Will Be Wild!’: Trump All but Circled the Date (The New York Times)

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