NEWS DIGEST 01.08.2021: Chocolates, games and coronavirus

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Anyone that knows me knows I love anything chocolate. Chocolate is the best treat any time of the year, especially when you can share with the whole family! Lift Chocolate delivers handmade specialty chocolates crafted with pure ingredients and master skills, which make moments more special with their premium ingredients. These artistic and innovative flavor combinations and spring novelty pieces are not available anywhere else! The brand makes the best gourmet chocolate products available today. They pride themselves on making everything by hand, from their custom mix of chocolate to their delicious caramel. We use Imported Italian preserved strawberries in a hand-painted chocolate shell. You can purchase some yummy chocolates from Lift Chocolate on their Website – Sweeten Your Day with a Variety of Lift Chocolates (It’s Free… at last!)

Friendship is the most wonderful relationship that anyone can have in this world. With Friendship Day around the corner, we need to be reminded of why friendship is so incredibly special. Different people may have distinct definitions of and requirements for friendship. What does friendship mean to you? Share with us the craziest experience you’ve ever had with your friends. What do you bring to the table of friendship for others? How long have you been friends with someone? If you would like to share some pictures as well, it would be even better – WOW: What Does Friendship Mean To You? (Blogadda)

Well, in the case of Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis it was a good job his chat with his girlfriend went on a bit. World record holder Duplantis was due to meet up with American rival Sam Kendricks for a coffee but ended up missing the appointment because of his phone call. Kendricks then tested positive for Covid-19 and was ruled out of the Olympics, and three members of Australia’s track and field team are still isolating after being identified as close contacts. “I was going to meet with him in the Olympic Village and have a coffee but I was speaking to my girlfriend for too long and missed it,” Duplantis said on Saturday after easing through qualification to reach the final. “So it’s thanks to her that we weren’t together. “It’s so sad because Sam was in really good shape and he always jumps high at a championships, so basically there is a medal spot free now. “I didn’t have a uniform before leaving for the stadium this morning.”Tokyo Olympics: Armand Duplantis glad to have avoided coffee with Sam Kendricks (BBC Sport Olympic Games)

Control the chess pieces in the game, the goal is to guard a piece of pure land in the desert, predict the opponent’s thoughts, and issue restraining orders through the command array in the hand. The biggest issue I have with ‘Sword’s Soul Duel’ is not so much the crazy price point, but the lack of single-player options as well as the lack of online players. This game is currently a shell of a game with no real way to play it other than getting a friend to pay the extortionate price point of which I am not sure the online multiplayer modes even work! All you can do in single-player mode is practice. While it looks good some of the time, especially some of the cool spells there is nowhere near enough content nor players for me to recommend this. Maybe with more online players, it would be worth playing – Sword’s Soul Duel (Steam VR) (The VR Shop)

The Department of Health has also asked that people travelling after 1 August not to apply “Or they will simply delay the full restoration of normal services”. The certificates are required by people who are travelling abroad and need official proof that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. “So we have been keeping the lights on, but it’s just been frantic in the background trying to make sure that we can get something up and running for people on the first of August,” Dr O’Neill said. When asked about the security issued on Friday morning, Dr O’Neill said: “The problem wasn’t actually in anything that we built.” Vaccine certificates are required by people who are travelling abroad and need to prove their vaccination status He explained that the system is using the NI Direct website’s identity facility, through which people can set up a personal user account to access services such as driving licence renewals. The site suffered a security glitch on 22 May which enabled people to alter details on the document. Passport for access First Minister Paul Givan has said he is cautious about introducing vaccine certification to allow people to gain access to public or private services – (BELFAST, N.I.) #Coronavirus Report: There are “frantic” ongoing efforts to resolve issues with #COVID19 vaccine certification system, the official in charge of it has said #AceHealthDesk report (Ace News Services/Ace Worldwide News Group/WordPress)

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2 thoughts on “NEWS DIGEST 01.08.2021: Chocolates, games and coronavirus

  1. Considering the western countries have had a long, long time now to consider, at least in theory, what happens after people are vaccinated, you’d think they’d have just a small clue about what they’re doing with passports. But no. In the UK, it’s a shambles and nobody can decide whether they’re needed or not, which doesn’t help regular folks or businesses.

    But thankfully all that nonsense can be averted with some good chocolate. I’ll join you in that. I eat the stuff every day so I’m surprised my blood isn’t 30% tea, 70% cocoa 😄

    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, this government of U-turns and handsy guys named Hancock, they certainly are making a pig’s ear out of everything to do with this pandemic thus far 🙄

      Hahaha, fellow choc n tea fan checking in. 100% know the feeling!

      Liked by 1 person

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