NEWS DIGEST 14.08.2021: Family remembers son killed in Cambs. speeding tragedy, other stories

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An Ely motorist avoided jail despite admitting he killed his teenage cousin – described by his parents as “caring and selfless” – by dangerous driving. A court heard that he ignored signs about resurfacing work, which instructed motorists to drive at a maximum speed of 20mph and warned about the risk of skidding. Peterborough Crown Court was told on August 13 that whilst receiving treatment from a paramedic, Mohammad Ashraf admitted driving “too fast”. Detective Sergeant Mark Dollard said: “This is another tragic case that highlights the consequences of dangerous driving. “Mohammad Ashraf had a responsibility as a driver to be safe and careful. Instead, he drove recklessly and dangerously which has led to the death of his cousin Samir.” “I want this to be a warning to all drivers, but particularly young drivers – be careful behind the wheel, your actions can change lives forever.”Driver who killed teenage cousin in crash avoids jail (Ilford Recorder – News)

The headline is that construction costs have gone up about 40-60 per cent on average. The eye watering increase in cost will inevitably lead to higher house prices, but they’re already so unaffordable that too much of an increase could lead to a collapse. Prices of these materials have also seen some increase, but timber has suffered from massive price hikes and price instability, and, of course, shortage in supply. Whilst there is a global shortage of timber, many of the problems the UK faces are exacerbated by Brexit. It is true that a shortage of building materials worldwide has been a factor in price rises, but Brexit has undoubtedly exacerbated the situation – Construction costs exacerbated by Brexit (West Country Bylines)

Before Scarlett & Mustard, a condiments maker, became an award-winning foodie favourite, its story began in 2012 at Sandy Ruddock’s kitchen table. Ruddock’s husband, Julian Pollard, also joined the business with his preternatural gift for sales. “We love supporting local producers,” says Ruddock, whose website showcases Suffolk honey and cold-pressed oils. “We received a call at the beginning of lockdown from a local tomato grower in Suffolk saying they had a massive glut of tomatoes, because all the ready meals had just stopped,” says Ruddock. Scarlett & Mustard has grown far beyond Ruddock’s kitchen table, but staying true to its Suffolk heart just makes sense to Ruddock – ‘We were stirring pots until midnight’: how a homemade sauce became a foodie-favourite brand (The Guardian Labs – Thrive mode)

Fans who engage in racist abuse, or other forms of discriminatory behaviour, will be banned from all Premier League grounds under measures announced ahead of the new season. The league confirmed that new sanctions are to be added to their “No Room for Racism” strategy, joining up punishments that were formerly administered only by individual clubs. Last week the players renewed their commitment to the protest with the league “wholeheartedly supporting” the move. The social media platform Twitter meanwhile said it had removed 1,622 messages containing racist language from its platform in the 24 hours during and after the final between England and Italy. The Premier League do not believe that attempts to drive racist abuse off platforms have reached an impasse and will continue to work with the social media companies over the forthcoming season – Racist abusers to be banned from all Premier League grounds (The Guardian UK edition – Sport Premier League)

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Three to help you discover the joys of working remotely across the UK. Find out what happened when performer, vocal artist and writer Nadine Rose Johnson swapped her place in London for a retreat in Stroud. Tired of looking at the same view as you work from home? If all you need to get your job done is access to the internet, then we’re here to tell you to ditch the desk and head off to a ‘desk-ination’. The folks at Three believe that life needs a big network and Three has been recognised as the UK’s fastest 5G network in Q1-Q2 2021 according to network intelligence provider, Ookla. We thought we’d kick-start your plans by letting some savvy Londoners tell us their remote working stories. For more inspiration on the best places to work outside your home, check out our guide to ten wonderful ‘desk-ination’ spots in the UK. We’re also giving you the chance to win a beachside ‘desk-ination’ in Devon – find out more here! – The ‘Desk-ination’ Diaries: the artist (TimeOut)

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