Bond Street To Your Street is a British designer handbag boutique offering a bespoke search-and-find service for the discerning customer looking for that ‘lust have’ addition to their handbag ensemble. Handbag enthusiasts can also make use of Bond Street’s special resale service to find a new forever home for their pre-owned pieces. The boutique traces its origins to 2009 when founder and business owner Emma Pinfold decided to sell off some of her own bag collection after finding she had acquired so many luxury handbags and accessories that she was unable to close the door of her wardrobe! It developed from a impromptu ‘posh boot sale’ among Emma’s friends, and later pop-up boutiques in empty shops and offices in London, to a fully-fledged store in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

As the last few days of summer trickle away and the days get shorter, fashionistas everywhere are turning their minds to the upcoming autumn 2021 trends and what is in for the season. Emma offers her own tips on how to look stylish with your accessories as the leaves start falling.

Be stylish in Loungewear!

This season it’s all about picking comfy and classic over glam. Choose trendy, eye catching trainers, classic cashmere one pieces and oversized shirts.

Try To Wear At Least One Accessory

Instead of hours applying eye make up trying to get that perfect eyeliner, choose some classic shades to look effortless this Autumn. Silk scarfs are a staple this time of the year, perfect to jazz up a simple dress by draping over the shoulders or using as a headscarf when hair days aren’t happening.


“I always wear black outfits, what can I do to brighten my look?”

“My go to for every season is a statement handbag, without doubt adding a pop of colour this way will transform any outfit. My personal favourite is my lime green Mulberry Bayswater, it works well in the winter with black chunky knits as well as in the summer with a floaty white dress.”


Gemma Guise/Hartley Guise.

“About Emma” – Bond Street to Your Street

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