NEWS DIGEST 28.08.2021: Fact check – news outlets used old visuals to report Kabul twin bomb blasts

Good morning everyone. This morning’s News Digest is based on Google News‘s Fact check section.

Videos that were shared on Twitter purporting to be footage of the recent twin blasts at Kabul Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan were in fact clips of Israeli airstrikes on the Palestinian region of Gaza, according to fact checkers at a news site in India. Clips of what was said to be the aftermath of the second blast in Kabul, which has been attributed to ‘ISIS-K’ a branch of the Islamic State terrorist group, were reverse-checked and found to be attacks on a Hamas site in the central region of the Gaza Strip, shot in August 2021 – Israeli airstrikes on Gaza passed off as Kabul airport suicide attack (NewsMeter)

A car bomb had exploded near the entrance of the Kabul airport with Taliban claiming responsibility for the same and said that it was targeting “foreign forces”, Reuters had reported on 10 August 2015. The news agency had captured visuals from the said incident and we were able to match the structure of the gate seen in the viral image with that of Reuters’ photo. At least 60 Afghans and 13 US troops were killed in at least two blasts near the Kabul airport on Thursday, 26 August. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, in which there were at least two suicide bombers. It said one of them targeted “translators and collaborators with the American army”. Evidently, old images from Kabul airport were falsely linked to the blasts that took place near the said location on 26 August – News Channels Air Old Images of Kabul Airport Linking Them to the Recent Blasts (The Quint)

Several mainstream Indian news outlets on Thursday aired old images and an old video of an airstrike as LIVE visuals of Kabul airport that was hit by deadly bomb attacks. As news of the blasts came in, mainstream Indian news outlets such as India Today, WION, Times Now, Republic TV, ZeeNews and News18 Bangla, used old photos of Kabul airport and an old video of an airstrike reported to be from the Gaza strip, as visuals streaming in from Afghanistan. News channels including India Today and Times Now aired it, while the same photo was tweeted by Zee News during their coverage of the Kabul attack. A video showing airstrikes in the night sky that is reported to be Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza strip was aired by Indian news channels falsely claiming to show footage of the blasts at Kabul airport. News channels including India Today and News 18 Bangla aired the footage claiming it showed ‘latest visuals’ after the twin blasts at the airport – Indian News Channels Run Old Photos, Videos As Kabul Airport Terror Attack (Boom Fact Check)

The claim: The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t fully approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration has given its official stamp of approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine. While Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is still only available to some groups under an emergency use authorization, the FDA has fully approved the shot for most Americans. Pfizer vaccine is FDA-approved. The Substack newsletter and related social media posts misconstrue what the FDA wrote in its letter approving Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. Denise Hinton, chief scientist at the FDA, wrote in the Aug. 23 letter that the agency had “approved the biologics license application” from Pfizer for its coronavirus vaccine “in individuals 16 years of age and older.” In a corresponding press release, the FDA said it had fully approved Pfizer’s vaccine and that it “will now be marketed as Comirnaty.” Our rating: False Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that the FDA hasn’t fully approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine – Fact check: FDA has fully approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine (USA Today News)

Soon after news of the blasts at Kabul’s international airport broke, multiple users started sharing the video as “footage from the blast in Kabul”. A Twitter user ‘Ravindra Singh’ whose bio mentions that he is a journalist with News18, too, shared the video, which had been viewed over 62,000 times at the time of writing this story. News organisations such as, also used a picture collage from the same video in their news stories. The image was credited to news agency IANS. Several social media users have shared the video along with similar claims and the archived versions can be seen here, here, and here – Old Video of an Airstrike in Gaza Shared as Kabul Airport Blast (The Quint)

Summarised with SMMRY.

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