NEWS DIGEST 30.08.2021: Cheap room rents near London, B&D furniture shop owners fined for flytipping

Good morning and wishing our UK-based readers a very relaxed Bank Holiday Monday today. Your news for this morning comes from InYourArea.

House and flat sharing site SpareRoom has released an affordability guide for places you can rent in the UK for £500 or less. These range from rooms in Liverpool and Huddersfield for under £400 a month, to towns an hour outside of London just shy of £500. With research from SpareRoom showing that rental demand versus supply has increased year on year across some of Britain’s larger towns and cities, many people might be looking to make a money-saving move. Demand versus supply for properties in London is up 71% across the city; in fact, all of the major UK areas have seen an annual increase. Matt Hutchinson, SpareRoom director, said: “The past 18 months have totally changed our attitudes to work. Some jobs we were told simply weren’t suitable for remote working have proved to work just fine from home”. “The coming months will definitely hold some changes in terms of how and where we want to live. That could be great news for some towns and cities, that have historically suffered from a skills drain, as young people head for bigger cities.”Towns and cities you can rent in the UK for £500 or less (InYourArea Newsroom – National)

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The welcome resumption of the Wanstead Festival will be a celebration of our cleaner, greener Wanstead. The festival returns bigger and better than before, following the two-year absence due to the pandemic. The Festival developed out of the Mayor of London’s Car Free days of the early noughties. Then the high street was shut, with the activities focused in that area. There are plans to improve cycling networks around the high street and Cambridge Park areas of Wanstead. More bicycle hangars and loops are slowly rolling out. The road closure for the festival offers a snapshot of part of the high street without cars – a different look. So leave the car behind, come out on Sunday, September 12 to help make this the best Wanstead Festival. Paul Donovan is a Redbridge Labour councillor for Wanstead village and blogger – Wanstead Festival returns after two-year absence in September (East London & West Essex Guardian)

All routine blood tests except for the clinically urgent have been stopped across south east London due to a major shortage of equipment. Blood tests and screenings have been cancelled across south London due to the shortage and the British Medical Association said the crisis has “put doctors in a terrible position” of having to chose which patients get tests. An NHS alert was sent out this week to all trusts and GPs warning of a shortage – PA. NHS England said the shortage of blood collection tubes was likely to get worse before it gets better. South East London CCG said a supplier to the NHS had advised them of a global shortage of the equipment. “The following measures should be applied across the NHS in England, all commissioned services and by independent providers of NHS services in England, regardless of which blood tube products they use.”NHS shortage: Blood tests cancelled across south east London (This is Local London)

A pair of mattress-dumping fly-tippers have been fined following a town hall sting operation in London’s Barking and Dagenham borough. The pair – who have not been named by Barking and Dagenham Council – received fines totalling £1,200, with one receiving a £400 fine and the other hit with two fines totalling £800. Two more men have also received £400 fines for dumping bags of waste in the street. Another council operation recently saw more than £24,000 in fines issued to people fly-tipping in Gale Street, Dagenham. The current fine for littering in Barking and Dagenham is £150 and £400 for fly-tipping – Barking and Dagenham furniture shop owner fined for dumping mattresses (Barking & Dagenham Post – News)

Improvements to the number of resuscitation bays and access for ambulances at King George Hospital’s emergency department (ED) have been completed as part of a £5million project. The ambulance entrance has been reconfigured to improve access, while a new first treatment area for assessing patients has been brought in. Its chief executive Matthew Trainer said: “I’m pleased to see so many exciting changes happening in our ED at King George Hospital and that the ongoing wellbeing of our staff, as well as our patients, is at the forefront of these.” Other improvements in the pipeline include the introduction of two dedicated mental health cubicles for adults and one for children. A new observation area is also set to be introduced, which the trust said will allow male and female patients to be separated and “safely observed” at the same time. The work will provide more waiting room space and assessment cubicles, as well as the mental health cubicle and a “Resus” area for children. Mr Trainer added: “Providing more space specifically for assessing patients with mental health issues is really important and I’m glad to see we are adding a dedicated space for young mental health patients.” The investment in the ED is part of a wider 12 month, £12m spending plan for the hospital, announced in June – Milestone reached in £5m King George Hospital A&E improvement project (Ilford Recorder)

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