NEWS DIGEST 18.09.2021: UK scraps its travel traffic light system, and a new Merlin story gets told

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The United Kingdom has voted to scrap its traffic light system for holiday destinations brought in during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, opting to instead to have a list of suitable and unsuitable countries. British transport secretary Grant Shapps announced that the current ‘red-amber-green’ system would be scrapped on October 4th, 2021 and will be replaced with one red list only. The travel changes will only apply to England for now. People who are double-vaccinated will no longer be required to present a negative PCR test upon arrival from an amber or green-listed country – Spain Travel: UK scraps COVID-19 traffic light system with changes for fully jabbed passengers (The Olive Press)

He’s investigated haunted locations across the US, Rich Newman talks to us about his travels, his philosophy on the paranormal, and his new book! Rocketing up the charts, this new Jim Harold Media podcast takes one spooky story, researches the devil out of it and then we present in a dramatic way – Haunted Spots In America – Paranormal Podcast 698 (Jim Harold)

Thirteenth-century manuscript fragments discovered by chance at a library in Bristol, England, have revealed an alternative version of the story of Merlin, the famed wizard of Arthurian legend. A team of scholars translated the writings, known as the Bristol Merlin, from Old French to English and traced the pages’ medieval origins, reports Alison Flood for the Guardian. “The medieval Arthurian legends were a bit like the Marvel Universe, in that they constituted a coherent fictional world that had certain rules and a set of well-known characters who appeared and interacted with each other in multiple different stories,” Laura Chuhan Campbell, a medieval language scholar at Durham University, tells Gizmodo’s Isaac Schultz. Later accounts from the 12th century added new elements to the legend, such as Merlin’s mentorship of Arthur. Now, the scholars have published the translation, as well as their study of the manuscript fragments, in a book titled The Bristol Merlin: Revealing the Secrets of a Medieval FragmentRediscovered Medieval Manuscript Offers New Twist on Arthurian Legend (Smithsonian Magazine – Smart News)

After yesterday’s dump below $47,000, bitcoin has resumed its bullish trajectory by adding $2,000 and nearing $49,000. AVAX has registered yet another all-time high, this time above $70. Bitcoin Charts an 11-Day High. Bitcoin went up by $1,500 before dumping by $3,000 minutes later. Bitcoin’s dominance over the market has increased above 42% as its market capitalization is north of $900 billion once more. Yesterday’s all-time high was not enough for AVAX, as a 16% surge has taken it to above $70 for a new price record – Bitcoin at 11-Day High: AVAX Marks Another All-time High (Weekend Watch) (CryptoPotato)

Haunting of Hill House’s Mike Flanagan explained that he believes the thing that defines his “haunting anthology” is riffing on existing classical literature, adding if they don’t have a story to adapt, they won’t make a third season. “If the stars align in such a way that we decide to go back into the Haunting world, it would have to be so much on that track that we’ve set up,” Flanagan said. Flanagan’s got his hands full at the moment anyway with Midnight Mass. His new Netflix show tells the story of a small, isolated island community that’s torn apart when a charismatic Father Paul arrives and starts performing miracles. While the series shares a genre with Hill House and Bly Manor, Flanagan has denied they’re connected in any way. Hill House and Bly Manor stars Henry Thomas, and Kate Siegel both have roles in Midnight Mass. Flanagan explained the decision to bring back some of his old cast, saying while Midnight Mass always existed in its own world, it’s fun to bring back people he likes to collaborate with – Haunting of Hill House’s Mike Flanagan reveals what he needs to make a third season (The Digital Fix)

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