NEWS DIGEST 09.10.2021: The latest climate crisis news

Welcome to HEMNA. Today’s news focuses on the current climate crisis and is from NewsNow. There is ever greater concern developing over how humans are treating the Earth and its other inhabitants, especially as our modern societies are causing changes to both the environment and global weather patterns.

Population decline should “not be feared” because it will help the UK reach its climate goals, the former chief of the finance regulator has said. Writing in a research paper, he argued that with the right government policy an ageing population would not pose a threat to the economy. Low birth rates and an ageing population have often been seen as a looming crisis, with economists arguing there will not be enough people to work and contribute to the future economy. Smaller Families and Ageing Populations, argued this is good news. Robin Maynard, director of charity Population Matters, criticised Elon Musk’s previous comments that “population collapse is potentially the greatest risk to the future civilization”Population decline and smaller families good news for climate, says former head of FSA (Independent – Climate – News)

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Protesters continue to antagonise motorway drivers around the capital by stopping traffic and causing heavy delays. One road user says the protests are ‘disrupting her daughter’s education’ by causing her to be late for school. Environmental protest group Insulate Britain have been staging roadblocks in the Greater London area demanding that the UK government insulate more than 20 million homes by 2030. Their protests have met with derision by motorists and politicians – Insulate Britain: Motorist’s fury at ‘selfish’ M25 protest (Sky News – UK)

They may be run on recycled cooking oil – surely a marketing opportunity for an enterprising chip shop owner – but the use of generators is an obvious stop-gap measure that exposes just how much needs to be done across the country to create the necessary infrastructure for the rapidly rising number of electric cars. For overseas delegates who consider the UK a leader in the fight against climate change, it sends a message that they may not need to try quite so hard to keep up and undercuts the symbolism of the cars themselves. Apart from cost, the main reasons holding people back from buying an electric car include ‘range anxiety’ and concern that they will not be able to find a charging point, potentially ending up stranded with a flat battery. The need for charging points is a pressing one. Generators to power a few hundred cars for Cop26 is not ideal; but half the nation driving around on electricity produced in coal or gas-fired power stations would be a disaster for the fight against climate change – Cop26 climate summit: Lack of electric car charging points for world leaders points to a much bigger problem – Scotsman comment (The Scotsman – News – Opinion – Columnists)

On The Daily Climate Show, new analysis shared with Sky News reveals that a renewable energy plant is the biggest single source of carbon dioxide in the UK – The Daily Climate Show: Renewable energy plant is UK’s ‘biggest CO2 emitter’ (Sky News – Climate)

The conservationist and broadcaster Chris Packham has called on the royal family to “step up” by committing to rewilding their estates before Cop26. As he prepared to deliver a petition signed by more than 100,000 people to the gates of Buckingham Palace on Saturday, accompanied by more than 100 school strikers, Packham said “The time for talking is finished” and urged the royal family to lead by example by improving the ecological condition of their land. The royal family is the UK’s biggest landowning family with an estate that includes lands held by the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Queen. Noah Macaulay, 16, a sixth-form student from Hampshire and one of the founders of SOS from the Kids, which is also going to perform at Cop26, said if the royal family rewilded their land “it would have huge benefits for nature and the climate”. A Royal Estates spokesperson said: “Members of the royal family have a longstanding commitment to conservation and biodiversity, and for over 50 years have championed the preservation and development of natural ecosystems.”The royal estates are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to continue improving biodiversity, conservation and public access to green spaces, as well as being home to thriving communities and businesses which form part of the fabric of the local community.” – Chris Packham asks royal family to commit to rewilding estates (The Guardian UK edition – News – Climate crisis)

Protesters from Insulate Britain have blocked a junction of the M25 motorway and a major road in central London, sparking fury among motorists as emergency services vehicles were obstructed. The climate activists said about 40 demonstrators are sitting on the road at junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and on the A501 at Old Street roundabout. In response, Insulate Britain said: “Our policy is, and has always been to move out of the way for emergency vehicles with ‘blue lights’ on.” Insulate Britain admitted its actions on the M25 are “in breach” of an injunction obtained by the Government last month. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has since hit out at members of Insulate Britain, calling them “glued fools” who are “absolutely wrong” to launch fresh demonstrations – Insulate Britain protesters block traffic and emergency services on M25 and major London roundabout (Independent – Climate – News)

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