NEWS DIGEST 23.10.2021: The mysterious Tube trains and other stories

Good morning. Today’s news comes from Facebook.

You won’t find the classic red and blue Underground roundels on the platforms, there’s no Tube trains on the passenger timetables there and yet in the dead of the night at certain times of year, Tube trains will make occasional appearances. For the remainder of the year for eighteen hours per day, it is served by frequent London Overground trains. As a result, London Underground sends empty Bakerloo line trains up and down the open section of the Bakerloo line between Harrow & Wealdstone and Queen’s Park but because the line is blocked between Kensal Green and Queen’s Park when the trainshed is occupied overnight, there is nowhere for these ‘trackwarming’ trains to turn around. Tube trains need four rails to operate correctly but Overground trains on this line only need three. Even if the London Underground for whatever reason wanted to provide a Tube service to Kilburn High Road, it would not be able to let Tube trains take passengers there – The one station where you’ll only see London Underground trains in the middle of a winter’s night (MyLondon – News – West London News – Bakerloo Line)

This tabby kitty, who is a contender to be the world’s oldest cat, actually celebrated his 31st birthday (which is the equivalent of 141 in human years). His name is Nutmeg and one day, he chose his humans by showing up in their backyard some 26 years ago. Loving owners Liz and Ian Finlay lovingly took the cat in back in 1990 as a stray who befriended their own cat Spice. When they brought the kitty to their local Cats Protection to treat Nutmeg’s abscess on the neck, they stated to the owners that the cat was at least 5 years old. Just last year Nutmeg suffered from a very serious stroke now he is up and going stronger, making those around wonder how many lives this cat has. The Finlays took the cat in back in 1990 as a stray who befriended their own cat. Making us wonder: how many lives does this cat have? – Meet The Oldest Cat In The World Who Is 31 Years Old And Still Has Many Lives Left (

Friday 22 October 2021 : The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has, at its October 2021 Plenary session, approved the exit of Mauritius from the list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring. The Mauritius Bankers Association Limited (MBA) welcomes this announcement, which affirms the status of Mauritius as a compliant jurisdiction. Since the inclusion of Mauritius on the FATF’s list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring in February 2020, the MBA has worked with the national Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Committee, Government officials, Regulators and other stakeholders, to support the speedy completion of the national plan of action, executed by the Mauritian delegation, led by the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius. The MBA and its members are committed to continuing to uphold the highest standards of compliance to international AML legislation and best practices – Communiqué: Mauritius exits FATF list (Mauritius Bankers Association Limited ~ MBA)

The United Nations has suspended all flights to the regional capital of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia after government air raids forced a humanitarian flight carrying 11 passengers to abort landing in Mekelle. Ethiopian government spokesman Legesse Tulu told the AP authorities were aware the UN flight was in the area but said the UN and military flights had a “different time and direction”. The friction between the government and humanitarian groups is occurring amid the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade, with close to a half-million people in Tigray said to be facing famine-like conditions. The government since June has imposed what the UN calls a “de facto humanitarian blockade” on the region of some six million people, and the AP has reported that people have begun to starve to death. Legesse, the government spokesperson, said Friday’s air raid targeted a base formerly belonging to the Ethiopian military and now being used by rebel Tigrayan forces as a training site in Mekelle – UN suspends all flights to Tigray amid Ethiopian air raids (Aljazeera – News – Conflict)

A POPULAR American writer has dared to lift the lid on what he says are the catastrophic consequences of Brexit, which have turned Britain into an “Orwellian society”, where nobody can talk about the subject. “The cause of the shortages spreading like wildfire across Britain is that Britain chose to break up, unilaterally, suddenly, with its largest trading partner. Where then was it going to source basics from – most of which it imports?”. Haque said many European businesses had simply stopped supplying Britain because they can’t make a profit because of tariffs and red tape. Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer refuses to come anywhere near saying Brexit is destroying Britain, and says he still backs it. “Orwell would have laughed sadly at today’s Britain. From his little house in Kentish Town, he would have said, perhaps, something like this. Criticising Brexit has become a thoughtcrime. Doublespeak now reigns – it’s a ‘supply chain crisis’, not the colossal stupidity of Brexit. How tragic to see Britain become the kind of society Orwell warned about.”American writer Umair Haque says Brexit has turned UK into an ‘Orwellian’ society (The National – News)

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