NEWS DIGEST 30.10.2021: France/UK fishing dispute escalates; assorted product news

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France was angered by a decision from the UK and Jersey last month to deny fishing licences to dozens of French boats to access British waters, and argued that this breached the Brexit deal. The country has warned it would block British boats from landing their catches in some French ports next week and tighten checks on UK boats and trucks if the dispute over fishing licences was not resolved by 2 November. George Eustice (the British  Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) added: “For now, we’re not going to respond in the way that France has, we’re going to raise this with the commission and we’re going to raise it through diplomatic channels with the French ambassador but we’ll reserve our right to do more things if France continue to press ahead with these threats.” Mr Brown warned that without “a speedy resolution”, the vessel’s catch could be confiscated by the French authorities, and called on the UK government to “defend the rights of the UK fishing fleet”. France had warned that it would block British boats from some ports next week – as well as tightening checks on UK boats and trucks – if a post-Brexit dispute over fishing licences was not resolved by 2 November – (LONDON) Fishing Rights Report: The UK could respond in turn if France goes ahead with threats amid a dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights, the environment secretary has said, warning that “two can play at that game” #AceNewsDesk report (Ace News Services/Ace Worldwide News Group/WordPress)

How can you tell which mattresses are softer when shopping online? Usually, online mattress companies use a firmness scale of 1 to 10 to let you know how firm or soft each mattress is. We’ve scoured the corners of the sleep realm for comfortable mattress options to bring you the best soft mattresses of 2021 and who they’re best for to help you find the right mattress for your needs. They’re listed below, each with a mattress review explanation of why they’re a top-level soft mattress. Finally, the base is made of DuraDense foam, another proprietary soft foam mattress material that provides support for the entire mattress above. CNET named the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid as the best memory foam mattresses for heavy people in 2021, so it’s easy to see why this mattress also makes our list today – Best soft mattresses of 2021 (CNET Wellness – Sleep)

Senior leaders don’t just want incremental growth from these programs – 25% of data science leaders say their company leadership expects double-digit growth from data science, adding pressure to deliver quickly. The Wakefield Research study found that while company leadership may have double-digit revenue expectations for data science, today 82% of companies are making splashy short-term investments without recognizing the ongoing benefits of investing in data science. 78% of data executives have seen their companies stop a data science initiative or cut back investment if a data model fails, including 26% who say it has happened several times. The Wakefield study found 48% of data executives complain of inadequate data skills among employees, and 44% say they’re not able to hire enough talent to scale data science in the first place. New York Life’s CDSAi not only conducts monthly lunch presentations on projects, methodologies, and data usages, the team also hosts an annual data science expo and regular forums featuring external guest speakers who educate and inspire New York Life’s broad data community – Key Metrics for Data Science Team Success (Towards Data Science/Medium)

PTSD has long been thought to arise from overactivity in the negative valence system, however a new study shows that people with PTSD also displayed a deficit in activation of positive valence processing soon after the trauma, suggesting it plays a role in resilience to PTSD. The work appears in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. Dr. Ziv Ben-Zion of Tel-Aviv University in Israel said the work “Provides insights on roles of both the positive and negative valence processing systems in the early development of post-traumatic psychopathology. While most of the research to date on stress and trauma has focused on the hyper-active negative valence system, our findings also suggest a critical role for hypo-active positive valence system in PTSD development and point to its role in resilience to traumatic stress and /or adaptive recovery from it.” The work could have implications for therapeutic strategies to treat stress- and anxiety-related disorders, Professor Talma Hendler, also from Tel-Aviv University said, adding that “novel therapeutic approaches should address both positive and negative valence systems, as these two are intrinsically linked and both affect the symptom development after experiencing traumatic stress“. It is yet unclear what is the relative contribution of such opposing valence processing shortly after trauma to the development of chronic PTSD. Neurobehavioral indicators of motivational positive vs. negative valence sensitivities were longitudinally assessed in 171 adults at 1-, 6-, and 14-months following trauma exposure. PTSD severity at TP3 was associated with decreased neural functionality in both the VS and amygdala towards rewards vs. punishments at TP1. Explainable machine learning revealed the primacy of VS biased processing, over the amygdala, in predicting PTSD severity at TP3.These results highlight the importance of biased neural responsivity to positive relative to negative motivational outcomes in PTSD development – Brain Circuitry for Both Positive and Negative Valence Affected by Trauma (

A huge part of that is the company’s Amazon Prime subscription service. While Amazon made its presence felt in Singapore in July 2017, it was via the Amazon Prime Now app. In other countries, a Prime subscription also includes free access to Amazon’s Prime Reading service, a certain amount of storage for videos and photos, and access to Amazon’s music streaming service called Prime Music. Singapore has one of the cheapest Prime membership costs of any market Amazon operates in. Prime eligible products can be anything that’s sold and shipped directly by Amazon Singapore, Amazon US or a third-party vendor. If you haven’t used your Amazon Prime benefits like free delivery or Prime Video, then you will be eligible for a full refund. In Singapore, you can’t turn your existing Prime subscription to just a Prime Video one – Amazon Prime in Singapore: everything a subscription gets you (Techradar – News)

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