NEWS DIGEST 07.11.2021: Drone and shark attacks

Good morning. News bulletin from Google News (World).

An exploding drone aimed at the Iraqi prime minister’s house has failed to kill him, the government has said. In a statement released early on Sunday, the government said the drone tried to hit Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s home in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses foreign embassies and government offices. Two Iraqi officials told the Associated Press that seven of his security guards were injured in the attack. The security statement released by state-run media said the failed assassination attempt was with “a booby-trapped drone that tried to target his residence in the Green Zone”. Protests turned deadly on Friday when the demonstrators marched towards the Green Zone and the was an exchange of fire in which one protester was killed and dozens of security forces were injured – Exploding drone assassination attempt on Iraqi PM fails (The Guardian – World – Middle East)

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At least 92 people have been killed after an oil tanker exploded near Sierra Leone’s capital. The disaster happened early on Saturday morning after a bus struck the tanker at a gas station in Wellington, a suburb east of Freetown. Videos show a giant fireball burning into the sky following the explosion while survivors with severe burns cried out in pain. Earlier on in the morning, Brima Sesay, the National Disaster Management Agency’s director general said in a video posted on Facebook: “It’s a terrible, terrible incident that we’ve never seen before.” “Deeply saddened to hear about the explosion along Bai Bureh Road, Wellington, after a bowser carrying fuel collided with a truck. My sympathies go to the families and loved ones of the victims of the explosion. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace,” she wrote on Twitter – Sierra Leone oil tanker explosion kills at least 99 people (Independent – News – World – Africa)

The desperate search for a father believed to have been mauled to death by a huge shark has only returned a pair of goggles as hope he will be found alive fades. A 57-year-old has been missing since Saturday after a great white shark attacked him about 30m off Port Beach in Perth. Local councils have closed Port Beach and all beaches from Leighton Dog beach to Sand Tracks beach. The state’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has urged residents to take additional caution in the Port Beach area – Hope fades for missing swimmer attacked by a shark as a pair of goggles are found and boat full of teenagers say they witnessed him being mauled by the huge predator (Mail Online News)

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a great white moments before the attack. Authorities did not confirm the species, but said there had been a shark present in the water before the attack, estimated to be around two metres long, according to the Mirror. Lifeguards reportedly then rushed to move everyone out of the water. Witness Ivana Busic told the West Australian: “I was in the area surfing when the alarm went off and we heard there was a shark in the water.” Everyone ran out of the water. I am pretty shocked.” Kaiden Boult, another witness, said he was surfing when a man in a dinghy “came flying at us and screamed at us to get out of the water because there’s been a shark attack”. The last person to be killed by a shark in the Perth area was nursing lecturer Doreen Collyer, who was attacked while scuba diving off in June 2016 – Swimmer missing after ‘massive’ shark attack as ‘screaming witnesses run from beach’ (Express – News – World)

Several diplomacy experts agree on Mr Morrison’s difficult situation within these world leaders gatherings since Australia scrapped a contract with France to sign the Aukus deal with the US and UK. In the following weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron called Scott Morrison a liar. The accusation was followed by a leak of private texts between the two leaders and a complete lack of solidarity from the US. Although he played a part in the newly signed submarine deal, US President Joe Biden told Mr Macron the announcement around the snaffling of the subs was “clumsy” and “was not done with a lot of grace.” “It has been a week from hell for Australian diplomacy,” Dr Romain Fathi, a historian at Flinders University and Paris’ Sciences Po university told “Within a week the Prime Minister managed to isolate Australia diplomatically and give it a poor name.” “Additional harm wasn’t done this week. The harm was done at the AUKUS announcement back in September.” There were many pictures of Mr Morrison having more positive interactions with other leaders, from India’s Narendra Modi to Prince Charles – ‘Hit all the wrong notes’ Aussie PM had ‘week from hell’ following Macron text leak (Express – News – World)

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