NEWS DIGEST 19.12.2021: Chaos at Manchester Airport’s Xmas getaway; other UK stories

Good morning. Today’s news is via Facebook.

Hundreds of passengers have been caught up in chaos at Manchester Airport with many missing flights due to long queues through security. People reported passengers in tears after being ‘stranded’ when flights took off without them. Several passengers bought tickets for the first flights to Dublin at 8am this morning and waited in the airport overnight. Manchester Airport said removing people from airside to landside, known as decontrolling, is ‘normal procedure’ as the departures hall is a secure airside space and after the last flight has departed it is closed off to keep it secure. Manchester Airport said medical assistance is always available on site and passengers who missed flights can contact the airport with details to assist – Manchester Airport ‘chaos’ as tearful passengers miss flights the weekend before Christmas (Mirror)

Heartland United captain Ikechukwu Ezenwa has stated he is prioritizing education over the Nigeria Professional Football League this season if he is not paid his outstanding salaries. Heartland United will kick off their campaign with a home fixture against Nasarawa United on Sunday. On his plan for the new season, the 33-year-old told GOAL: “I just want to focus on my education now because I know after my football career, I have another goal to pursue because nobody plays football professionally after 45 years so I believe education is going to help me.” “By next year, I’ll be in my finals I have to concentrate on my studies and that is one big reason why I don’t want to leave Heartland because I just want to focus on it. I believe education will be a key to my success after football.” “Education is going to decide my future, so I might be in the school and not be involved in the league games because it depends on if Heartland will pay the over eight months salaries being owed.”Heartland United captain Ezenwa underlines importance of education after unpaid salaries (GOAL)

Fujinomori Shrine is an ancient shrine home to the god of horses and is known for its Kakeuma Shinji an event on May 5th, where traditional tricks on horseback are performed. The shrine is the originator of the precursor holiday to Children`s Day in Japan which is celebrated on May 5th. Because of the shrine’s association with horses, those who bet on the ponies often make a stop here in hopes the deity will let their horse win and in the process likely save their legs from loan sharks. Not only is the shrine pigeon themed but there are live pigeons on the shrine grounds. You can visit the Lake Biwa Museum, a large museum/aquarium with endemic species of Lake Biwa, and as exhibits on the ecosystem as well as on human`s use of the lake. As Lake Biwa is one of the world’s few ancient lakes, the museum also has exhibits on the biodiversity of other ancient lakes – A Beginners Guide to Animal Spots in Kansai,Japan (Going Batty with Matty)

A local Italian delicacy business based in London turned to Twitter to announce stock issues of their panettone – and the responses soon spiralled out of control. The Seeds of Italy Store in Harrow, North London famed for selling authentic Italian goods, candidly shared: “Due to Brexit, all our suppliers have run out of both cream and traditional panettone, this along with other goods”. The panettone drama got even better when the business clapped back to someone who tweeted, “That’s ok I’ll stick with traditional Christmas cake.” Others praised the business for being candid about their stock issues and the hilarious way they handled the situation. Indy100 has reached out to Seeds of Italy Store London for comment – Italian shop in London claps back at Brexiteers following panettone stock issues (Indy100)

Sarah Ratcliffe, 42, tried her hand at some DIY Christmas decorating in her living room – and ended up with impressive results. The mum-of-two painted the entire design freehand after buying a bag of white acrylic paint for less than a tenner. Her designs feature dozens of snow-covered trees, a cosy snow-topped cottage and even a highland cow. She said: “I have an eye for design – you just had to think about where the light and shadows fall. “I bought a big bag of white acrylic paint and only used about a third of it.” “I hadn’t used acrylic before so it took me a while to get used to it – you can actually see I get a bit better as you move along the windows.” “I’m not much of an artist but it wasn’t too difficult!”‘I’m not much of an artist’: Yorkshire mum paints stunning snow scene on windows completely freehand (The Yorkshire Post – News)

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