NEWS DIGEST 29.12.2021: NCA searches for prolific money launderer, other stories

Good morning. Today’s News comes from Twitter.

Fahad initially told NCA officers that the cash seized had come from life savings, and from the sale of property and stocks. He also stated he was a sole trader dealing in cars and that he intended to pay the money into a bank to buy a car. However, the investigation found that Fahad was in regular contact with Sathar Khan, a money launderer jailed in 2018 for attempting to board a flight to Dubai with almost £1.5 million pounds cash in his suitcases. Officers recovered messages from Fahad’s phone, showing a handwritten note detailing a schedule of dates for travel to Dubai between himself and Khan. Between 2017 and 2018, the two men made nearly 200 return flights with both frequently travelling out with a significantly greater weight of luggage than they returned with – (LONDON) NCA WANTED REPORT: The NCA is appealing for information on the whereabouts of a convicted money launderer who talked of moving up to £50 million out of the UK every month #AceNewsDesk report (Ace News Services/Ace Worldwide News Group/WordPress)

AceNewsReport – Dec.29: According to court documents, ICE HSI had learned a computer was receiving child pornography. They were able to trace it to De Leon at his residence. He admitted he was actively involved in speaking with individuals who were interested in buying child pornography via applications on his cell phone. ICE HSI conducted a search of his phone and discovered he had tried to sell child pornography as recently as a month prior to their arrival at his residence. #AceDailyNews DOJ Court Report: Astro Rey De Leon, 34, of McAllen, was convicted in federal court. During that hearing, he admitted to possessing child pornography with the intent to sell it on the internet – (MCALLEN, Tx.) Justice Dept Court Report: A South Texas man was convicted Dec. 17 for selling child pornography images following a joint ICE/HSI & Rio Grande Valley Child Exploitation Task Force probe #AceNewsDesk report (Ace News Services/Ace Worldwide News Group/WordPress)

Neural interface startup Cognixion has raised $12 million in seed funding to continue development of its wireless brain-computer interface and augmented reality (AR) headset. Prime Movers Lab led the Santa Barbara, California, USA-based startup’s seed round, with co-investors Northwell Health, Amazon Alexa Fund and Volta Circle. Cognixion intends to use the seed funding to develop new adaptive interfaces for Cognixion ONE that make the headset easier to use for any user – Cognixion secures $12m of seed funding (VirtualReality World Tech)

THIS is the spooky moment a ghoulish man with a “white beard” was caught on camera on a haunted island. Ghost hunters in Ireland unearthed the creepy image taken on Inchagoill island in County Galway while flicking through old footage of their paranormal expeditions. The paranormal probers said they believe the paranormal shape is the side profile of a man with a white beard. They said a similar image of a man with a long beard was snapped in the doorway of the church on the haunted island in April this year. One said: “l don’t recall any on your team with a long white beard or a nose quite like that can see every feature on the other face clearly and the other face behind them not so friendly looking.”GHOST OF XMAS PAST Moment ghoulish figure ‘with white beard’ caught on camera on haunted island (The Sun – News – UK News)

From Facebook to Twitter, machine learning algorithms are policing online content to decide what’s banned and what’s not. Dec 20 -Two days after it was sued by Rohingya refugees from Myanmar over allegations that it did not take action against hate speech, social media company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced a new artificial intelligence system to tackle harmful content. Like other machine learning tools, AI moderation systems learn to recognise different types of content after being trained on large datasets that have been previously categorised by humans. From Twitter to YouTube to TikTok, AI content moderation has become pervasive in the industry in recent years. In March, Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress AI was responsible for taking down more than 90% of content deemed to be against Facebook guidelines – Online content moderation: Can AI help clean up social media? (Thomson Reuters Foundation News – Technology)

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