NEWS DIGEST 16.01.2022: Today’s InYourArea local news briefings

Good morning – news for this Sunday is from InYourArea ~ the local newsroom.

Valley Hill, a major local road in Loughton which is a key strategic route in our area, has been closed since December 2, 2021. We are now being told that it is unlikely to be open until January 23 or 24. For myself and other local residents this is simply unacceptable. As one of the local councillors for the Loughton Roding Ward whose very narrow residential roads are bearing the brunt of this situation, I like others have found the whole situation not only frustrating but extremely annoying. Our lives have been made unbearable with either constant speeding traffic, or the pollution of stationary traffic on a walking route to a large primary school. Residents have found it very difficult to manoeuvre their cars without provoking hostile reactions from through drivers using the poorly planned diversion – Thames Water and Essex Highways slammed over Loughton road closure (This is Local London – News)

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Before Christmas the private company Tree Amigos set up shop on Christ Church Green in Wanstead to sell Xmas trees. This caused some concern with our local shops – seven of which sold trees as well. Being in direct competition with local retailers, but using prominent public land, we asked Redbridge Council what the tendering process was for this project. In their response they told us that there wasn’t one. The company had approached the council to hire the green, and that Vision – which runs the parks and green spaces in Redbridge – had given them the green light to do it – Redbridge Council criticised over use of Wanstead park (This is Local London – News)

Lorry drivers who use residential roads at unsociable hours in Redbridge will soon face fines of up to £130. Redbridge Council has agreed to rejoin a London-wide scheme it left in 2005, which aims to manage which roads lorries weighing 18 tonnes or more can use during unsociable hours. Using automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) cameras, hauliers will be fined up to £550 and drivers up to £130 if their HGVs leave a permitted network of roads at night, on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays. According to a report before Redbridge’s cabinet on Thursday, January 13, the council is already undertaking a “full-scale review” of its warning signage and planning where to place ANPR cameras – Rat-running lorry drivers in Redbridge face fines of up to £130 (Ilford Recorder – News > Traffic & Travel)

Six cousins have inherited a small fortune after a “mystery” long-lost relative in East London died, leaving behind a £400,000 windfall. Jacqueline Davidson died alone in her Ilford home in 2019 and was found a week later when it was discovered she had been living in “appalling” conditions in the dilapidated flat. The pensioner died without any known relatives to arrange her funeral or to search for her last Will and testament, reports the TelegraphRecluse, 80, who died alone in run-down London flat and found a week later leaves £400k fortune (MyLondon – News – East London News – Ilford)

UK drivers have been issued a warning that they could face a steep fine following a change to the Highway Code in a fortnight. As of January 29, drivers who touch their phone while at the wheel could be hit with a £2000 fine and six points on their licence, the Manchester Evening News reports. Those found playing games, scrolling playlists or taking photos using their phone could be hit by the fine and attached penalisation. “If the number of drivers caught using their phones continues to reflect the data suggested from the trial, we hope that the ability to effectively penalise those breaking the rules will act as a powerful deterrent to dangerous driving.” Elsewhere on that date, Rule H1 comes into effect with the aim of ensuring a more mutually respectful and considerate culture of safe and effective road use that benefits all users – All drivers warned they could face £200 fine under incoming Highway Code change (MyLondon – News – UK & World News – Today’s Updates)


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  1. We need that phone rule here in California – the texters are so dangerous, slowing down to text than speeding up and slowing down. Maybe if they got hit with that kind of fine, it would dissuade them a bit!

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